Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Notes.

So my husband works... a lot.
I'm having a hard time scheduling in a specific "date night" every week
...which would be ideal, but just not likely for us right now.
His schedule varies and he usually gets home pretty late.

Buuuut I'm determined to stick with my new years resolution of
"more date nights with the hubby"... And since I can't exactly do that right now,
I've decided to tweak it a little bit to sort of stay on track.
I made it my goal to leave him little love notes & surprises each day last week.
Sometimes it's just "the little things" that can make a difference
and it's nice to know someone's thinking about you.
Here's what went down:

Day 1: Cinnamon Rolls
My hubster *loves* cinnamon rolls.
And everyone knows his Grandma makes the best ones ever...
Since I'm not quite on her level,
I opted to make Rhodes Freezer Cinnamon Rolls
and let me tell you they are divine!!

I baked him these little treats for breakfast:

(talk about sugar high... but totally worth it!)

Day 2: SODA amazing
I got his favorite soda, made him a little love note that said "I SODA think you're amazing", tied it with a ribbon, & left him this little surprise in the fridge when he got home from work.

Day 3: Breakfast Casserole (Take 2)
I made a second attempt in cooking another breakfast casserole...
(if you missed the first attempt- see here)
I used a different recipe this time and it tasted so yummy. It's just very convenient
for me to put it in Tupperware for Grant to take to work in the a.m.
I'm *trying* to make sure he's always eating.
If you know Grant, he gets sidetracked and then forgets to eat.
Completely opposite of me since I eat every
2 hours or else I'm biting peoples heads off...
I'm still mystified how someone "forgets" to eat??
Anyways... we're working on it.

Day 4: Stud Muffin
My little sister Rachel helped me bake some blueberry muffins
and I made this little love note
that said "Stud" with a picture of a "Muffin"
Then I left this on his desk the next morning before he got to work.
(it helps when you work for the same company)

Day 5: Picnic in the Park
So what if we don't get to have "date nights"? We'll just have "date lunches"
 And with the Vegas weather being absolutely b-e-a-uuutiful lately,
I've been dying to have a little picnic!

(Better take advantage before we jump
into the 110 degree infamous Vegas weather)

 With that, I packed our picnic basket the night before...
and as you can see the kitties helped as well.

Then I stole him for lunch &  we headed to a nearby park.
It wasn't a fancy lunch but we had:

-Subway Sandwiches
-IBC Rootbeer
-Sugar Cookies
-Strawberries & Whipped Cream

So now I challenge you to do some little acts of {love}
for your other half.... and feel free to share what you've done
because I'd love some more ideas


Chelsea said...

aw, you are too cute! I've always been a bit jealous of couples who (can afford/have the time) for weekly date nights. we've had to get really creative with them-especially the last few years with Dustin working a ton and going to school + baby etc. It's not easy. We always treat our netflix movies like they're a really big deal, get special candy and watch them in our room for our dates. ;) I love picnics too. Those are more romantic than anything in the world!

Trader Joes has the most amazing sticky buns too. we've been making them almost every saturday! They're SO good!

AmY.GraNt said...

I love that you still make it happen! You are such a good example for me- seriously! Annnd we absolutely LOVE Netflix! That's a fun idea- having an official Netflix date. Love it :)

I'll definitely have to check out Trader Joes sticky buns. Thanks girl!

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