Friday, January 14, 2011

Duplicate Myself

So I have this dilemma.

Remember how I want to become this little master chef person??
(if not, refer back to this betty crocker wannabe post)

I don't know what to do because I have THE BEST intentions to make these seriously delicious meals... I'll plan out the meals for the week... go grocery shopping... buy all this scrumptiously healthy produce and then somewhere in the mist of my week, dinner plans get skewed, random things pop up and two weeks later I find myself throwing moldy grossness away in the garbage...
a.k.a. throwing away $$$
Sounds delish right? I'm suuuuure you're thinking you're never coming over for dinner NOW. 

I'm having a hard time balancing work, gym, cooking, cleaning, life etc etc...
(and lets be real, who isn't?)

But how does one keep up with everything??
I feel like I just need to duplicate myself  just to keep up with life.
How do I get into this cooking thing when I find myself
wasting food more than using it?
And the more this happens, the more unmotivated I am to TRY to cook.

I need help.... advice... anything!

It's not all hopeless though...
I did manage to make my VERY FIRST breakfast casserole!
I've never made any sort of casserole in my entire life,
Heck, I didn't even know if I liked casserole...
but I was recently inspired by my mom because on Christmas morning
she made the most deliciously amazing breakfast yumminess!

This was MY end result:

  Doesn't it look disgusting?? Here, lets try a different angle...

Nope, still horrific looking!
(the lighting from above the oven totally helps, I know)

But I can reassure you that it tasted oh-so-yum!
Grant said to me with a mouthful, "Oh my gosh! This is sooo good!"
And then after he finished eating he said "You are so master chef..."

... pause ...


"... well at least with this recipe"

Oh how I love his honesty. Supportive, but honest.
I've clearly got some work to do.
However, I do feel like it was an accomplishment at least
in my hubby's book.

Anyways.... here's my next breakfast adventure from my #1 favorite

Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Shake

(Sometimes I wish I could take cool pictures of food like this...
I might have to upgrade from the trusty iPhone to a big kid camera eventually)

I didn't give it this name either.... Mrs. {superstar} Gina from SkinnyTaste did.
But the fact that the word *Healthy* is in the title gets me going.
I love eating healthy stuff and NOT just because eating nutritious food
is... (are you ready for the textbook answer??) "what you should do" per say,
but literally I feeeeeel so much better when I do. Don't you?
It's not easy though... nothing good in life is everrr easy.

This could be an easy on-the-go meal & since I {heart} my zZzzz's in the a.m.
I figured I'd give this recipe a whirl.
I'm always trying to eat a "healthy breakfast"
and this seems as though it could  be satisfying as well.

Here's the "how-to" if you're interested.

I'll keep an update on how it turns out... but on the flip side,
if anyone has advice on how to not be a complete failure be a better cook
go ahead and throw them my way.



Chelsea said...

They both look yummy to me!


Tammy said...

You don't really know me, but I lived in Ky when Grant was serving his mission and we became pretty great friends.

I feel you on the throwing produce away. One thing that has helped me: when I come home with the produce; I immediately chop peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrots-anything I have bought that I am going to put into a recipe and put in ziploc bags. I then place them in the freezer. That way, they don't go to waste, and if I don't use them that week, I can always use them later.

Hope that helps :)

cmeeder said...

Amy, I have absolutely no words of advice. I do the very exact same thing... But you are still so cute about it! I've just figured out the secret to keeping my closet/bedroom clean this I can give you a tip for that. What you have to do is when you are done with something, put it back to where it belongs. Weird, right? I've done it everyday this week and so far things are looking good :)Not sure why it took me 25 years to learn that buuuuttt better late than never. Maybe we could have a dinner, invite people over which will make us try our culinary skills ... just a thought to get some good practice in...

Courtney said...

I totalllly feel you! Whenever we go grocery shopping, Isaac is always like, "are you sure you're going to use all of this?" I always tell him that I've got a great menu planned for the week and then end up throwing away produce bags full of mold later...if you ever find an answer to avoiding this, let me know! P.S. Miss you :)

christina said...

i used to do that ALL the time (still do, just not quite as much) two things that helped me: like tammy said...if you have chopped anything in your recipes, do it beforehand and either freeze, or just put in the fridge so it's already chopped (also helps with your cooking time when you're just home from work and tired)

the second thing...when you meal plan, don't plan a recipe for every night. factor in 1-2 days of eating leftovers, and make sure you have things on hand for for 1-2 non-recipe meals (like healthy quesadillas--very little cheese, lots of chicken ((cook the chicken the night before on the george foreman)) and salsa, fat free sour cream) for the week. that way, you are only buying ingredients for a few things, and they are less likely to go to waste when you don't have the energy to cook.

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