Friday, February 11, 2011

world traveler princesspants.

I have literally been living out of my flippin' suitcase lately
and my friends & family are starting to address me as
"world traveler princesspants"
(well ok... not so much the princesspants part but that would be cool.)

 I've jumped on like everrrrrry opportunity to get out of town lately
so that the hubby can get his study on for
all these crazy licensing tests and whatnot...
....well actually, that's what I'm using to justify it.
So yes, I've been abandoning him leaving him at home,
but hey, he's survived :)

Here's the latest:

1. Palm Springs Girl Trip
One of my best friends Brittany (grew up together, danced together & in each others weddings) moved to Palm Springs, CA recently with her hubby
... Sooo a few of my best lady loves & I planned a trip to go visit her.

We went on this sweet hike...

 {the lady loves}

 {no matter HOW old you get... it's still fun to
borrow your friends clothes & play dress up.
I had to show this cuuuuute little polka dot jacket that
I plan on stealing borrowed from my friend Candice}

 {Annnnd I had to capture how the cute little prego mommy right here
completely VITO'd our idea for dinner one night.
Funny how the pregg mama wins, right?} 

Annnnd here's the text I sent the hubby on the way home...
So that you get a better understanding... I had texted him 2 hours before this
telling him we were 4 hours away then

And as you can see he just.continued.laughing.

So concerned right??

2. Orlando Disney World Trip
My friend Lana (who I cheered with on the Locos) is getting married & asked me to be one of her *bridesmaids*... since she also coaches the Foothill Varsity Dance Team and they were competing at Nationals in Florida, she invited the bridesmaids along for 5 days in Disney World as our "bridesmaid gift"

This is the stage at the dance competition.

Here's the hotel we stayed at...
How fun are these themes??!

Watching the Superbowl at the ESPN Zone

So the very first ride we went on was the Tower of Terror.
I have this horrid fear of heights
& I loath any sort of ride that just completely drops you...
 I've realized the older I get, the more my fear intensifies.

Well my friend Lana wanted us all to go on this ride
with the whole dance team so that she could buy the picture.
It's their tradition after the competition.

Here's what the end result looked like... 

Any guesses where I am??

I'll give you one hint... 
I'm the one that looks like I'm in complete utter pain about to die.
Now I wasn't in pain but I absolutely felt like I was going to die.
Irrational? I just don't think so.

After we were done I texted Grant to tell him of my accomplishment
(since he's well aware of this fear I have)
he asked me how it was...

And if you're wondering what the so called "maliboomer flashbacks" I'm talking about,
just refer to this post

Needless to say though, I survived. Barely, but I did.

I bought my very first Mickey ears ever (!!)
& of course I had to get the zebra ones.

Then I met one of my favorite characters ever.
I tried to take him home, but he didn't go for that.

We had to get a picture by the castle wearing our Mickey ears, of course.

And then before we left that night we got to see the castle all lit up.

i {heart} disneyworld.

3. Utah Scrapfest.

Ok so I haven't actually done this yet.... but I'll be leaving tonight for a mommy-daughter
weekend to have some MAJOR scrapbooking fun.
I sound like such a dweeb. Whatev. Super excited
I   definitely have some crafty ideas up my sleeve....
and can't wait to share!
{Happy Friday}


Roark said...

This just totally flashed me back to when we were their for good ole UDA, and we managed to get Mrs. Wickel on the Tower of Terror, which was AMAZING!! I'll never forget that. Those trips definitely stick with you !

Roark said...

This is Nicky by the way, I didn't realize a nickname was gonna show up :p

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