Monday, February 28, 2011

Month of celebrations...

I can't believe it's already the LAST day in February?!!
This has definitely been the month of celebrations.............
1. Grady's Birthday

We celebrated our little nephews 1st birthday!

As you can see he was pretty excited about those streamers...

This is the cake his mom made him!
How cool is this?? She's literally amazing at that stuff.

This is one of my favorites.
He was SO excited about the cake that
he started waving his arms back and forth realllllllly fast

Then he snuck a little....

When we gave him his first piece, he started off pretty good.
 Loving EVERY bite...

Then he had he clobbered the side of his face with cake...
  Annnnd it was all a big mess from there!

Isn't that what a 1 year old is supposed to do??
How cute is he? Love.

No baby fever or anything, riiiight??

2. Bridal Shower
My friend Lana is getting married & I'm one of her bridesmaids.
We threw her a shower this past weekend and here's what went down:

Her wedding colors are a combination of black, silver, light lime green & white.
We themed the party around those colors
& blew up a few of their engagement photos for decoration too.

We had Green & White Oriental Paper Lanterns and balloons everywhere!

Lime green frosted cupcakes from The Cupcakery
& the cutest "i do" napkins to friggin die for!

Of course I couldn't resist doing a candy table...

I themed it around *green* candy & had:

- Mint Green Bliss Dove Chocolates
- "Engagement" Ring Pops
- Green Sour Apple Straws
- Green Apple Rings
- Green & White Mint Oreo Suckers 

These were the Oreo Suckers I made...


And good news!! My birthday is in 5 days...
Looks like more celebrations to come!!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

abandoned ship status + cooking yumminess.

I've been in a SERIOUS funk lately.
I'm thinking its a combination of feeling so out-of-schedule
while being out of town for 3 straight weekends.

PLUS having our water heater completely bail out on us
  and flood our garage.

Then not even getting to celebrate the ONE day
out of the year actually dedicated to love
because we're fixing that trader of a water heater

And to add to all of this...
I have completely jumped off the "training" bandwagon.
Like full on, eyes closed, abandoned ship status.

I'm hoping to regain my motivation somehow... along with my sanity at this point.
If you see either of them, let me know.

I'm thinking I might just need personal day though.

Here's what my day would look like:

 hiring a maid, going on a reallllllly long bike ride + a run,
getting a massage & pedicure, treating myself to a movie
and then coming home to a sparking clean casa!

that would soo make for a perfect day in my world

But since that won't be happening anytime soon, here's my plan:
(inspired by my aunt lisa- who is absolutely amazzzing)

I'm going to be more positive

**Ok let me just preface by saying I'm not this crazy negative person
(but who doesn't want to just be happier?) 
So I'm going to do a little experiment...
I'm not going to say ANYTHING negative
throughout a whole day. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
And not just for 1 day, but *trying* for everyday. 

It's sort of one of those things your mom used to tell you...
"if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

I'm just curious if it'll help make my life happier if I focus on the good.

Anywho... So I made this YUMMM dinner last night, thanks to

Southwest Turkey Meatballs & Creamy Cilantro Dipping Sauce

So so so yum. It took maybe 30 minutes from start to finish
and everything cost about $20... PLUS I have leftovers.

I feel like this will be my next cooking attempt....

Chicken Piccata

I first saw this on the menu at The Cheesecake Factory
... which is SO one of my favorite restaurants but
can we TALK about how every meal is like 1,654,962,540 calories??

So thankfully Mrs. Gina over at Skinny Taste has come up with
a "skinny version" of the deliciousness.
Here's the recipe

{Happy Friday-Eve}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

scrap-a-holic weekend.

This past weekend I went to "SCRAPFEST" in Utah.
Doesn't it sound like such a Utah thing?

Pretty much it was a bunch of moms and their girlfriends
who got together for a weekend of scrapbooking
24 hours a day for the WHOLE weekend....
There were 2 types of women at this event:

#1- The Lolligagger
Who pays the $$ to scrapbook the whole weekend but only spends about 1 hour actually scrapbooking while the rest of the time is spent going to dinners, shopping and movies with her girlfriends.

#2- The Crazed Scrap-a-holic
Who spends every waking moment scrapbooking feverishly even until the wee hours of 4am to get the most out of the $$ she dropped for scrap-fest-fun. And yes, there was even a lady who scrapbooked 50 pages while she was there! How is that even possible??! I doubt she even ate anything, brushed her hair or used a toilet... and if that's the case, I'm glad my table wasn't next to hers!

What was my classification?
I'd say evenly in the middle.

Although from the looks of the table... it might say differently.
Here's what the madness looked like:

Here's a few of my crafty creations as of late...

{paper: JoAnn's- letters: rub on- felt buttons: JoAnn's}

{paint swatch: Home Depot- letters: white vinyl- ribbon: old scrap}

And YES that is a paint swatch thing from Home Depot,
which is cool because it was *FREE*
**Trick is: Combine it with a coordinating colored ribbon.

And then I had to make another...

{paper, button, & ribbon: JoAnn's- letters: stamp}

{paper & wooden heart button: JoAnn's- sparkly string: old scrap}

I swear I didn't just make cards... 
buuut I'll share the other goods soon! 

{Happy Wednesday}  

Friday, February 11, 2011

world traveler princesspants.

I have literally been living out of my flippin' suitcase lately
and my friends & family are starting to address me as
"world traveler princesspants"
(well ok... not so much the princesspants part but that would be cool.)

 I've jumped on like everrrrrry opportunity to get out of town lately
so that the hubby can get his study on for
all these crazy licensing tests and whatnot...
....well actually, that's what I'm using to justify it.
So yes, I've been abandoning him leaving him at home,
but hey, he's survived :)

Here's the latest:

1. Palm Springs Girl Trip
One of my best friends Brittany (grew up together, danced together & in each others weddings) moved to Palm Springs, CA recently with her hubby
... Sooo a few of my best lady loves & I planned a trip to go visit her.

We went on this sweet hike...

 {the lady loves}

 {no matter HOW old you get... it's still fun to
borrow your friends clothes & play dress up.
I had to show this cuuuuute little polka dot jacket that
I plan on stealing borrowed from my friend Candice}

 {Annnnd I had to capture how the cute little prego mommy right here
completely VITO'd our idea for dinner one night.
Funny how the pregg mama wins, right?} 

Annnnd here's the text I sent the hubby on the way home...
So that you get a better understanding... I had texted him 2 hours before this
telling him we were 4 hours away then

And as you can see he just.continued.laughing.

So concerned right??

2. Orlando Disney World Trip
My friend Lana (who I cheered with on the Locos) is getting married & asked me to be one of her *bridesmaids*... since she also coaches the Foothill Varsity Dance Team and they were competing at Nationals in Florida, she invited the bridesmaids along for 5 days in Disney World as our "bridesmaid gift"

This is the stage at the dance competition.

Here's the hotel we stayed at...
How fun are these themes??!

Watching the Superbowl at the ESPN Zone

So the very first ride we went on was the Tower of Terror.
I have this horrid fear of heights
& I loath any sort of ride that just completely drops you...
 I've realized the older I get, the more my fear intensifies.

Well my friend Lana wanted us all to go on this ride
with the whole dance team so that she could buy the picture.
It's their tradition after the competition.

Here's what the end result looked like... 

Any guesses where I am??

I'll give you one hint... 
I'm the one that looks like I'm in complete utter pain about to die.
Now I wasn't in pain but I absolutely felt like I was going to die.
Irrational? I just don't think so.

After we were done I texted Grant to tell him of my accomplishment
(since he's well aware of this fear I have)
he asked me how it was...

And if you're wondering what the so called "maliboomer flashbacks" I'm talking about,
just refer to this post

Needless to say though, I survived. Barely, but I did.

I bought my very first Mickey ears ever (!!)
& of course I had to get the zebra ones.

Then I met one of my favorite characters ever.
I tried to take him home, but he didn't go for that.

We had to get a picture by the castle wearing our Mickey ears, of course.

And then before we left that night we got to see the castle all lit up.

i {heart} disneyworld.

3. Utah Scrapfest.

Ok so I haven't actually done this yet.... but I'll be leaving tonight for a mommy-daughter
weekend to have some MAJOR scrapbooking fun.
I sound like such a dweeb. Whatev. Super excited
I   definitely have some crafty ideas up my sleeve....
and can't wait to share!
{Happy Friday}

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Rexy... The Long Neck Alien.

Thought I'd give a little update on behalf of our little kittylove Rexy. 
She went in to get "fixed" last week and it was quite the experience. I don't deal well with the whole incision thing and whatnot, so I had a few gag moments while I was reading the instructions from the vet that said "make sure Rexy doesn't lick her belly" or "make sure she doesn't jump up and down for 3 days" or "if she starts to act depressed call us right away" and it got even worse by saying "and if it starts to puss..." but I'll spare you those details. These types of things, as minuscule as they might sound, completely gave me the heeeeeebie geebies. Like I get all queasy and weak at the knees and stuff. I felt like I was just imagining the sutures ripping open or something... (body shutter)

So everything worked out great until we got home and she started biting at her tummy. I was a little freaked out because how was I supposed to stop her?? What if her insides start gushing out?!?
So when Grant got home he decided to make a few different "barriers" ifyouwill...

Let's take a look at what he came up with:

Attempt #1
Meet Rexy- The Long Neck Alien.

I could die watching this video I swear. My favorite part is when he says "look at mama" and then her head whips over to look at me and she's got those beety little glowing eyes... but when Grant stopped holding her she closely resembled a fish out of water sooo that one didn't work.

Attempt #2
The Body Cast.

 Grant took one of my t-shirts and cut it into a little outfit to cover Rexy's tummy... but when she got up from this sitting position, she took 3 steps and it completely fell off of her. No go status.

Attempt #3
The Cone Head.

After spending about 4 hours on this whole ordeal, he came up with this. Made out of an old poster board, it seemed to do the trick. She only wore it for a day because she stopped with the self-inflicting tummy biting non-sense.

She's doing great now though!

{Happy Wednesday!}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Notes.

So my husband works... a lot.
I'm having a hard time scheduling in a specific "date night" every week
...which would be ideal, but just not likely for us right now.
His schedule varies and he usually gets home pretty late.

Buuuut I'm determined to stick with my new years resolution of
"more date nights with the hubby"... And since I can't exactly do that right now,
I've decided to tweak it a little bit to sort of stay on track.
I made it my goal to leave him little love notes & surprises each day last week.
Sometimes it's just "the little things" that can make a difference
and it's nice to know someone's thinking about you.
Here's what went down:

Day 1: Cinnamon Rolls
My hubster *loves* cinnamon rolls.
And everyone knows his Grandma makes the best ones ever...
Since I'm not quite on her level,
I opted to make Rhodes Freezer Cinnamon Rolls
and let me tell you they are divine!!

I baked him these little treats for breakfast:

(talk about sugar high... but totally worth it!)

Day 2: SODA amazing
I got his favorite soda, made him a little love note that said "I SODA think you're amazing", tied it with a ribbon, & left him this little surprise in the fridge when he got home from work.

Day 3: Breakfast Casserole (Take 2)
I made a second attempt in cooking another breakfast casserole...
(if you missed the first attempt- see here)
I used a different recipe this time and it tasted so yummy. It's just very convenient
for me to put it in Tupperware for Grant to take to work in the a.m.
I'm *trying* to make sure he's always eating.
If you know Grant, he gets sidetracked and then forgets to eat.
Completely opposite of me since I eat every
2 hours or else I'm biting peoples heads off...
I'm still mystified how someone "forgets" to eat??
Anyways... we're working on it.

Day 4: Stud Muffin
My little sister Rachel helped me bake some blueberry muffins
and I made this little love note
that said "Stud" with a picture of a "Muffin"
Then I left this on his desk the next morning before he got to work.
(it helps when you work for the same company)

Day 5: Picnic in the Park
So what if we don't get to have "date nights"? We'll just have "date lunches"
 And with the Vegas weather being absolutely b-e-a-uuutiful lately,
I've been dying to have a little picnic!

(Better take advantage before we jump
into the 110 degree infamous Vegas weather)

 With that, I packed our picnic basket the night before...
and as you can see the kitties helped as well.

Then I stole him for lunch &  we headed to a nearby park.
It wasn't a fancy lunch but we had:

-Subway Sandwiches
-IBC Rootbeer
-Sugar Cookies
-Strawberries & Whipped Cream

So now I challenge you to do some little acts of {love}
for your other half.... and feel free to share what you've done
because I'd love some more ideas
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