Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Rexy... The Long Neck Alien.

Thought I'd give a little update on behalf of our little kittylove Rexy. 
She went in to get "fixed" last week and it was quite the experience. I don't deal well with the whole incision thing and whatnot, so I had a few gag moments while I was reading the instructions from the vet that said "make sure Rexy doesn't lick her belly" or "make sure she doesn't jump up and down for 3 days" or "if she starts to act depressed call us right away" and it got even worse by saying "and if it starts to puss..." but I'll spare you those details. These types of things, as minuscule as they might sound, completely gave me the heeeeeebie geebies. Like I get all queasy and weak at the knees and stuff. I felt like I was just imagining the sutures ripping open or something... (body shutter)

So everything worked out great until we got home and she started biting at her tummy. I was a little freaked out because how was I supposed to stop her?? What if her insides start gushing out?!?
So when Grant got home he decided to make a few different "barriers" ifyouwill...

Let's take a look at what he came up with:

Attempt #1
Meet Rexy- The Long Neck Alien.

I could die watching this video I swear. My favorite part is when he says "look at mama" and then her head whips over to look at me and she's got those beety little glowing eyes... but when Grant stopped holding her she closely resembled a fish out of water sooo that one didn't work.

Attempt #2
The Body Cast.

 Grant took one of my t-shirts and cut it into a little outfit to cover Rexy's tummy... but when she got up from this sitting position, she took 3 steps and it completely fell off of her. No go status.

Attempt #3
The Cone Head.

After spending about 4 hours on this whole ordeal, he came up with this. Made out of an old poster board, it seemed to do the trick. She only wore it for a day because she stopped with the self-inflicting tummy biting non-sense.

She's doing great now though!

{Happy Wednesday!}


Skylar and Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! I can just imagine grant coming up with that stuff...oh grantis!So funny thanks for sharing!

Livin' our Love Story said...

So funny! We just got our youngest pup fix, and her medicine made her have bad nausea, it was so gross. lol and our vet gave her awful stitches. It was a bad ordeal for her all around lol! That video is hilarious!

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