Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ThanKsGiviNg WeeKenD.

We've had quite the fun-filled busy weekend cooking and playing cards
and shopping at 3am on Black Friday!

Here's a few other things that went down:

1. Coolest Mom Ever Award.

Let me start off with a mini story...
I went to Foothill High School and our mascot: the Falcons
I was also in Student Council and one year for an assembly
we had to make "Falcon Pants".
I took some old jeans, cut them into capri's,
 & glued felt feathers all over them.

Now the reason for that mini story...
So I get this e-mail from my mom last week & here's how the conversation went:

Mom: Hey, do you still have those Falcon pants from high school?

Me: Yeah.... why? (mind you, I've been out of high school for 6 years now)

Mom: Oh because they're having a Turkey/Pilgrim dress up
contest at work and I wanted to wear them! 

Me: Brilliant. I'll see if I can find them.

Annnnnnd brilliant it was!
Here is the picture text I got from my mom that next morning...

She totally made the wings and the beak to complete the ensemble!
Hilarious. Coolest mom award for sure.
And PS.... she totally won.

2. 12k Turkey Trot

So I signed Grant & I up for a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning 
just so I could eat extra pumpkin pie.
Annnnd I signed Grant up so that I could have a
running buddy... and who better for that job than my hubby?!

The race was through the 6 Tunnels by Lake Mead &
29 degrees to be exact. thankyouverymuch.
I literally had 4 layers of pants on...
it wasn't until the 2nd mile of the race that
I realized I wanted to friggin rip them off.

 Appppparently your body heats up A.LOT.
when you're running outside in the cold.

Here's a few pictures of the event:

{freeeeeezing before the start}

 {the ladies}

{my lady love Jessica}

{Grants mean face}

{Half way point}

{traditional jumping picture}

{after we finished}

One thing to note about this picture...
Candice (girl in blue) isn't wearing a bib #
She decided to jump in the race last minute
& just run it for fun.
It was hilarious watching her squeak past
the start line without a bib #
and then RIGHT at the end she ran off the trail
just before the finish line!
I love that girl. Too funny.

We got some pretty sweet metals for this race too...

How cute is this bad boy??
It even has a hole in the center of the tunnel.
Love it.

3. Cranberry Delight

So I totally wanted to contribute to our thanksgiving feast
so I made this special homemade cranberry sauce
when we had Thanksgiving with my mom.

It was so colorful I decided to share:

Now this isn't just your normal cranberry sauce...
It has fresh cranberries, sugar, orange rind,
and red wine. The alcohol cooks down
when you cook it- and everything together
tastes yummmmm.

4. Kitty Love

So the kitties are doing amazing...
Still as cute as ever.

{little Rexy face lounging around}

{miss Stella pants being a little cutie}

Happpppppppy Tuesday... which it's practically Wednesday,
which means tomorrow is Thursday, which means when we wake up it's Friday!!
TGIF people. T.G.I.F.
(hey, something has to get me through the week, right?! wishful thinking.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Banana Bread {mishap}

I've been into this serious baking/cooking mode lately
and have wanted to try every recipe under the sun, I swear! 

My kitchen has been a complete wreck and my oven
has been popping out scrumdiliumptious things everrrrry night.

These were some of the ingredients for
this scrumptious pumpkin banana bread recipe
from my ohsofavorite Skinny Taste Website

I was all excited to practice my Betty Crocker skills when I realized I made
probably the #1 mistake for Banana Bread bakers...

**Note of the bananas on the left side of the picture above**

Yep-  bananas are BRIGHT YELLOW
Apparently you're supposed to make banana bread with
suuuuuper ripe bananas that have turned brown.

Yeah, I think that officially qualifies me still as beginner chef status.
I was right in the middle of the recipe when I realized this... but I was so excited to
be Mrs. Homemaker/baker that I made them anyway!

Good news: they still turned out yummy.

also made Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese
which I'm literally obsessive about now because it's soo amazingly good.

Here's the recipe for Skinny Pumpkin Banana Bread


The how-to for my new obsession Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese


Thursday, November 11, 2010

surprise of my life.

Three words:

 Best Hubby Ever.

This weekend I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and let me tell you why...
It was my last game with the Locos (WoO HoO!) and
 mine and Grant's 1 year anniversary!

So there we were in the 1st Quarter of the football game
dancing on the sideline and the assistant to the dance coach came up to my group.
She told me that after we performed in the end zone, 
they were going to do a "captains tribute" so I needed to stay on the field.

Sure enough after we danced I was standing in the end zone
 with the other captains when all of the sudden I heard the announcer say

And that's when I saw Grant running at me from the 50 yard line carrying this bouquet of flowers!!

He spun me around and then dipped & kissed me IN.FRONT.OF.EVERYONE.

I almost started bawling but I knew if I started I wouldn't have been able to stop. It seriously took my breath away. It was THE most romantic thing ever. It felt like we were moving in slooow motion- I remember thinking "Is this really happening??!" as I was shaking.

(It's one thing to dance with your whole team in front of a crowd but
its totally different when the spotlight is ONLY on you- talk about adrenaline rush)
Funny story that happened right before we performed and the whole schenanigans went down....  Grant was walking up to the camera man to tell him where we were going to be standing and to make sure to get it all on camera... as he was making his way down the side of the field he heard these little boys yelling "DAVID BECKHAM!!! DAVID BECKHAM!! IT'S DAVID BECKHAMMM!" He kept walking... then when he was walking back the kids yelled again, "DAVID BECKHAM!! IS THAT YOU??!" So Grant looks over and says "Yeah!" And totally fist pumps the kids! One of the kids turns to his buddy & said "SEE!! I TOLD  YOU IT WAS DAVID BECKHAM!"
Classic. I love kids.

Then after the game was over they let the fans come down onto the field and we all signed autographs and took pictures. Grant and I were standing there about to leave when this older man came up to us dressed in a super snazzy suit and introduced himself. He was Paul Pelosi... the owner of the UFL Sacramento Mountain Lions and he wished us a Happy Anniversary. He said he was going on 48 years now. Really nice guy. It wasn't until AFTER we left that Grant got on his handy dandy iphone and googled Paul Pelosi that we realized that he is Nancy Pelosi's husband (Speaker of the US House of Representatives).

After we left the game we met up with my
Locos Cheerleaders at First Food & Bar at the Palazzo for some appetizers.

If you're looking for a fun atmosphere and DELISH food...

Overall it was an amazing night & one that I'll never forget.

I love you Grant Cropper.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Washcloth Cupcakes.

Since I love to do crafts.... make cards... scrapbook....
I literally look for any opportunity
or occasion as an excuse to make something.

This past week I went to a friends babyshower
& that was plenty of reason for some crafting fun.

I made these:

They're baby washcloths decorated as little cupcakes!

So easy to make!
All you need is:

1- Baby washcloths
2- Felt fabric (for decoration only) 
3- Cupcake holders
5- Pins
6- Flowers
(fabric or paper would work great!)

  • Line the washcloth up with the felt fabric.
  • Cut the felt fabric the same size as the wash cloth.
  • Fold them both in half and roll them up.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the washcloth & felt fabric then use a pin to make sure everything stays in place. (I like to fold the end of the ribbon under so it has a nice line)
  • Next you put the flower on top and secure it with a pin.
  • Final step- put your cute little washcloth in a cupcake holder.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rough Life?

Who knew kitties LOVE to play so much??!

Here's a few recent moments at the Cropper home...

Stella playing dress-up with my purse:

Rexy playing hide n' go seek:

But good thing we have 2
because they definitely wear each other out...

During a car ride home from the vet:

How Stella passed out while
I was packing for our trip:

How Rexy passed out as
I was unpacking from our trip:
(don't mind the messy room- just focus on the cuteness in the middle- thanks)

Rough life right?
Love them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Last night we had our very last Las Vegas Locos Cheerleading practice. I can definitely say it's a pretty  bittersweet feeling. Half of me is relieved to be able to have my life back and half of me is a little nostalgic that it's already over. Overall it's been a learning/exciting/wearing/lots of emotions sort of experience.

Let's take a looksie at these last couple of months:

It's been a good run. I'm glad I got to be apart of it all.
I have to say that we've been pretty lucky to have the benefits we did.

Benefits included:

-weekly personal training sessions at BodySport Fitness
-free tanning and spray tans at Palm Beach Tan
-free hair service at Kelly Cardena's Salon
-hair dressers and make-up artists at every game

Overall though, I'm going to miss these girls.

We have our very last game this Saturday at Sam Boyd Statium at 8pm.
Come check it out!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HaLLo - HunTinG.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I mean who doesn't love a holiday centered around candy and getting dressed up?!!

This Halloween I actually decided to join the
Cropper boys on their annual deer hunt.
Yep! I went deer hunting...
of course I didn't shoot anything but I tagged along.

So since we didn't get to join in any spookylicious festivities,
I decided to put a little something together
for my hubby to bring the halloween spirit with us.

I made him this card:

The inside said this:

And this was his "mummy treat"
I wrapped his favorite candy in gauze &
hot glued on some eye balls to give it some character.

He loved it.
Thankfully I married a guy that loves the little crafts I make for him!

And if you're wondering if we got a deer on our hunt??

Here's Troy-boy/Grant-look-a-like/deer hunter extraordinaire...

That's a good looking 5 X 6

Good job Troy-boy!

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