Friday, May 16, 2014

Two months & more...

This past week started out great with a fabulous Mother's Day! 
I spent Saturday with my mom, sister Rachel, Grant, and the kiddos at a ceramic paint store in The District called "Color Me Mine". My sister Rachel set up the day date for some quality time in honor of Mother's Day weekend. When we were little my mom used to take us to a similar place called "The Artful Potter" so this sort of thing just brings back some great memories... all while creating even better ones!

I wanted to make it memorable since this was my first mothers day with BOTH babies, 
so I had to get their little hand/feet prints on a plate to remember the special day.

Ever since we decided it would be best for our family for me to stay at home with the babies, I've started a little tiny cake pop business which I call "The Sweet Pop Shop".
{you can check out my little website HERE}
I've always had a love for baking & it's been fun to have a little hobby on the side... 

Of course I always have help from my little baking partner, Sophie.

 Here's one of my fun little creations I did for a friend for mother's day!

I made these rose cake pops combined with little hearts in a bouquet.
The possibilities are endless with cake pop creations & I love making new things... 
Hence the reason why I love cake pops so much.

The next day we stopped by my sweet grandma's house for a much needed visit.

This is the first picture with Grandma and BOTH of my babies.
Such a sweet moment!

Of course Sophie found her way into the backyard and played on her favorite antique tracker all afternoon.

The same day our little man turned TWO MONTHS old!

A little update on Zane:
He is the absolute sweetest & easiest baby ever!
He is exclusively nursing and is still very sleepy throughout the day. He loves his little bouncer & takes a nap in it every morning. We've started him on a routine of bath time at night and a good full feeding (both things he absolutely LOVES) and he has been sleeping great! He sleeps from 9pm to about 4:30am- it's wonderful! 

 I call him my little "bubby" and he is Grant's little "buddy" all while Sophia calls him "baby"... We each have our own name for him but all share a special love for this little sweet boy!

He loves when daddy sings & whistles to him, lights up when anyone gives him attention & talks to him- always smiling and cooing at them, he definitely gets happy having his diaper off, and enjoys car rides as well as rides in the stroller. He is a huge cuddlier & snuggles right up onto anyone that holds him. He doesn't like his car seat or changing his clothes. 

Sissy Sophia is sooo sweet to him and is always crawling up to his head and giving him big slobbery kisses. She says "hi baby!" about 20 times a day and finds it absolutely fascinating and funny when he coo's at her. Lately she has been taking his little hands and moving his arms to dance. She loves her brother so much already! 

He is such a perfect addition to our family & we fall more in love with him every day!

Then to end this great week I woke up to find a sweet love note from the hubs...

Always a good way to start the day... love you Grant!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sophia the First {born}

Our crazy little first born princess sassypants is 
4 months shy of being a TWO year old! 
What the heck happened?? 
I honestly feel like it was just yesterday when we were 
bringing that lady home from the hospital. 

Here's an update on her...
{get ready for picture OVERLOAD... what else are blogs for, right?}

She is an absolute water baby... she would stay in the water alllllll day if we let her.

She is thee most random child who apparently likes to plank...
{nobody has ever taught her this}

 She has an obsession with her baby doll...
{she's still learning how to properly take care of it too}

Baby doll in the fridge... bottom drawer.

Giving her baby hugs.

Throwing her baby down the stairs.

Rocking her baby.

Trying to swaddle the babe.

Letting her baby sleep in the car seat.
She loves her new little brother.


{giving brother his binkie... first day she didn't actually try to steal it herself}

She's a little chatterbox... a few of her newest words

And she is absolutely one of the sweetest & sassiest girls I have ever met!

We love you Soph-a-loph! 
Never never never grow up ok?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Zane Kelly Cropper

Meet the newest addition to the Cropper Family... 

Zane Kelly Cropper
Born March 12, 2014

3:24am - 6 lbs 9 oz - 18.5 inches long

Seriously go check out Kassidy Baker Photography- She is fabulous!
Thank you so much Kassidy for the beautiful pictures of our sweet baby boy!

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