Wednesday, February 16, 2011

scrap-a-holic weekend.

This past weekend I went to "SCRAPFEST" in Utah.
Doesn't it sound like such a Utah thing?

Pretty much it was a bunch of moms and their girlfriends
who got together for a weekend of scrapbooking
24 hours a day for the WHOLE weekend....
There were 2 types of women at this event:

#1- The Lolligagger
Who pays the $$ to scrapbook the whole weekend but only spends about 1 hour actually scrapbooking while the rest of the time is spent going to dinners, shopping and movies with her girlfriends.

#2- The Crazed Scrap-a-holic
Who spends every waking moment scrapbooking feverishly even until the wee hours of 4am to get the most out of the $$ she dropped for scrap-fest-fun. And yes, there was even a lady who scrapbooked 50 pages while she was there! How is that even possible??! I doubt she even ate anything, brushed her hair or used a toilet... and if that's the case, I'm glad my table wasn't next to hers!

What was my classification?
I'd say evenly in the middle.

Although from the looks of the table... it might say differently.
Here's what the madness looked like:

Here's a few of my crafty creations as of late...

{paper: JoAnn's- letters: rub on- felt buttons: JoAnn's}

{paint swatch: Home Depot- letters: white vinyl- ribbon: old scrap}

And YES that is a paint swatch thing from Home Depot,
which is cool because it was *FREE*
**Trick is: Combine it with a coordinating colored ribbon.

And then I had to make another...

{paper, button, & ribbon: JoAnn's- letters: stamp}

{paper & wooden heart button: JoAnn's- sparkly string: old scrap}

I swear I didn't just make cards... 
buuut I'll share the other goods soon! 

{Happy Wednesday}  


Lindsay said...

WAY cute cards! What a fun weekend! I know my friend, Sarah Barlow, does Scrapfest in Utah, I wonder if it's the same one?

Megan Rose Belingheri Fox said...

Amy, you are so crafty! Every time I read your blog I envy your creativeness!! Looks like a lot of fun! I need some lessons from you!

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks Lindsay! Actually I'm pretty sure it WAS the same one! Her name sounds soo familiar! What a small world :)

Megan you're so cute! We'll all have to get together for a craft day sometime!

Sid and Michelle said...

Have you ever made a paperbag scrapbook?? I used to scrapbook all the time but now I just turn my blog into a book... way easier, but I still like to do it. So I made a paperbag scrapbook and it turned out way cute. If you haven't done one.. you should for sure!!

AmY.GraNt said...

Ohh I think I know what you're talking about... and if so, I'm totally working on one right now! Well actually I'm making one out of lunch paper bags into a "mini scrapbook". When I'm done I'll post some pictures! But thats a good idea about turning your blog into a book- definitely way easier :)

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