Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Betty Crocker anyone?

I swear when my life calms down and I get some free time I'm going to become
a master chef!

I am so excited I can't even help myself... My best friend told me about this amazing blog and its now safe to say that I'm officially obsessssssed. It's even called "Skinny Taste"!!

I have always had an interest in cooking/baking...
But ZERO time. I always have 5 bajillion things going on.

I'm a WAYYY better baker than cook... annnnd lets be real, I only bake cupcakes.

I baked these little cuties for a 4th of July party this summer:

So cupcakes are yum... but I neeeeeed to broaden my horizons a bit.
And since I'm a freak about my weight and health and working out and eating right... 
(ok I know, I know... I have officially admitted it now)

I mean, who wouldn't when you have recipes like this...

Banana Nut Pancapkes for ONLY 145 calories!
or this....

Baked Apple topped with Oats, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar.

Chicken with Articoke Hearts and Feta Cheese
Ok ok, my mouth is watering... I NEED to stop.
But seriously though I can't wait.

I'll be inviting everyone over for dinner & you'll be calling me Betty Crocker.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a GIRL!

So we've had quite a bit of a fun filled weekend...
We had our first trip to the vet on Saturday for a wellness check-up & some shots.
(My husband is a very handy dandy iphone user & loves to take pictures/videos of everything)
In the little waiting room...
Giving eskimo kisses.

And we've now come to find out that our little Rex man is not so much a man... but...


Soo... I'm still a little stunned.
My whole perspection of this little kitty has completely changed!
We've decided to call her Rexy. 
Apparently with little kitties its VERY hard to tell the sex when they're so little...
SHE (so weird) is only 9 weeks old and weighs about 4 lbs.
I guess that little blue collar with a bow tie I just bought will have to be returned for a bling bling diamond one.

Next... I had my first game cheering for the UFL Locos Saturday night.
So so much fun! It felt amazing to be dancing and performing again.
It was a live televised game and they had the 90's band Sugar Ray performing at half time!
We didn't end up winning BUT it was a pretty good game nontheless.
And lets face it, I'm just here to dance!

(thats me- front middle- smiling at Grant)

Then the very next morning...
We had an early sunrise Locos photoshoot at this historical sign:

Very fitting for the LaS VeGaS LoCos. Kinda fun right?
Well... try telling that to 30 girls going off 2 hours of sleep after a long game day...
You can call that dedication.

Happpppy Monday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shout Outs.

I have some pretty cool guys in my life. Here's why...

First things first:

I'm proud to say that.... Grant passed his test!!
Apparently the Series 7 Securities test is one of the top 3 hardest tests in the country! Am I gloating? Certainly so... and rightfully so because my hubbyman has spent practically every waking moment for the past 3 months being a complete hermit dedicated to studying AND if you know Grant, that's hard for him to do because he loves to play. So...

Good job GRANT!
(extra points for being smart & sexy! yesss.) 

We've decided to expand the little Rex man's horizons a bit and introduce him to Grant's parents dog.

This is The Rocket.
("the" just makes him totally sounds more legit)

Here's the first interaction... 

Annnnnd here is the second...
(watch for the "fake out")

He's pretty brave for a little kitty huh?? 
Especially going up against something about 187469237 TIMES his size.

We love him.

Friday, September 3, 2010

accident prone.

I am loving that it's Friday (!!) and that this will be a looooong holiday weekend.

The little Rex face has finally decided he likes to eat big kitty food...

(His head is blurry in this picture because he looked up really quick
and then scarfed his food like a mad man.)

He has also decided that he likes to help with the dishes too.

The picture I took as I dropped my phone in a rush to get his head UNstuck from the side of the dishwasher rack.

He must be accident prone, I swear.
So anyways...
I feel like I have major ADD today. 

Here's a few things I've caught myself daydreaming about:

I read this story today that completely inspired me.  
It's one of those that makes you see the light in the world.

I am mildly obsessed with these hair accessories!

This photographer is amazing. If you ever have a chance to just meet her, let alone work with her... it will change your life.

Thinking I want to expand my very limited cooking horizons and try this new recipe on the grill... Kick off Labor Day the right way.

And then I pretty much can't wait to raid this hot little commodity that just opened up (like .2 seconds from my work!) and see what all the fuss is about.

Have a fabulously relaxing weekend.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I have this confession.

It's pretty bad.

I, ummm... locked my kitty in the fridge!!
I know, I know, what kind of a mother does that??!

Let me just tell you what happened, ok? So there we are eating cereal one morning and hanging out in the kitchen. Of course the little Rex face is gnawing off our toes hanging out with us. I go to put the milk away and we walk upstairs. About 10 minutes goes by and there's no sign of our little Rex... so we're walking around the house calling for him.


I walk downstairs calling his name...


Walk into the kitchen and I hear this mini muffled "meow"

I panic and throw open the fridge! Low and behold the little guy jumps out of the bottom door compartment! He must have jumped in there when I put the milk away...

I squeal and scoop him up in my hands all while Grants running downstairs telling me that I almost killed our kitty!

So now all he does is hide from me....

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've always said "Someday I'll be a pro cheerleader!"

Well I've finally gotten my chance... sort of.
Semi-Pro anyways.

In June I tried out for the Las Vegas Locomotives UFL Cheerleading team. It's a semi-pro league and this is only their second season in existence... first season for the cheerleaders. New program, new uniforms, new everything!

It's been intense. We have practices 2 nights a week and we have mandatory personal training sessions 2 times a week which have totally been in f'ing sane kicking my butt. 

We recently had our first team photoshoot and performed at a team scrimmage game.
Here's a looksie...

The team.

Posing with even the tiniest of fans at the scrimmage game.

My crazy team.

My line girls minus a few. Love them.
 They call themselves the "A-Team" because I'm their line captain.

For the next few months this will continue consuming my life.
Come check out a game or two :)
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