Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa, I've been a good girl!

So I have this obsession with cupcakes. No surprise right?
Well now my love of cupcakes is going to have a little competition going on...

I came across THIS BOOK the other day and almost
couldn't breathe because I was soooooo excited. 
I have without-a-doubt put this at the top of my Christmas list.

Who gets that excited over a book about cake, you ask???!

Well... ummm... me, I guess.

I mean, with this book... just IMAGINE the possiblities of fun!



I mean, just LOOK at this cuteness...

The girl that created this is even called Bakerella!

So now I'm crossing my fingers & I've been extra good this year
and with that, Santa should definitely get this for me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{BFF Status}

I still feel like I'm pretty new to this whole "blogging" thing. So I've been doing a little blog hopping and I recently stumbled across this amazing little blogger called Little Miss Momma and decided to join in her fun. So here ya go!

Things you should know about me if
we're going to be BFF status:

I have this incredibly irrational validated fear of cotton balls that makes me allllll sorts of squeamish and goose bumpy with a few body shutters as well. It runs in my family. Coincidence?

I am obsessssssssssssssed with Wild Strawberry Crystal Light. Like bad.
(typical shopping outing)

I can fall asleep ANYWHERE ANYTIME as long as I'm tired. When I was little I fell asleep at a Tim McGraw concert.

There's not a holiday that goes by that I don't whip out some homemade cupcakes... and I've recently been making them "guilt free" so-to-speak by using egg whites and applesauce. Y.U.M. 
(which ACTUALLY makes them much more super moist)

{4th of July cupcakes I made for a party}

I was once Miss Congeniality in a Pageant.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters of which I am the very middle child.

I have hair extensions that I throw in for random dress up days and special occasions. Hey, it's just fun being a girl!

(yep, these are extensions)

My "go-to" method for cleaning is Clorox Wipes.
I have them in our kitchen, every bathroom & even my desk at work.
...And the older I get,  the more of a germ-a-phobe I become.

{beauty secret}
-lip gloss, crest white strips & mascara
(reallllllly love mascara)

I can't wait to be a mommy {sigh}

Scary Movies = No Bueno. I completely freak myself out watching them.

When I grow up I want to be a Cowgirl... well actually that's what I wanted to be when I was little. I don't think the dream has ever completely subsided.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Why I kidnapped my HusBanD.

I really can't remember the last time that my hubby & I had a vacation...
Over the summer he was total hermit status while studying for his Series 7 test and then I was super busy with Locos Cheerleading.

Annnnnnd with that...
I decided it was time for me to get to work!

Since my husband LOVES surprises just as much as I LOVE surprising him,
I planned a weekend "golden gate get-a-way" to San Francisco!!

It was TOTALLY spur of the moment too...

I literally found an AMAZING deal on a flight:
$59 one way & $39 back!
I couldn't pass it up so I hurried & booked it.

Here's how it alllllll went down:

Since he had NO clue, by the way...
like ZIP... ZERO... NADA
(evil laugh)

I surprised him with this box on the Friday we were leaving.

So I filled this box with clues to where we were going...
The box included:
  • Ghirradelli Chocolate Squares
  • Gold Fish Crackers (for Fishermans Wharf)
  • Chop Sticks (for China Town)
  • Handcuffs (Alcatraz Prison)
  • Gold Candy Coins (San Fran Financial District)
  • A mini Trolley car
I gave it to him right when we got in the car to go, where he thought, to lunch! But in reality I had his bags all packed and we were headed STRAIGHT for the airport. We made a mini pit stop on our way out to pick up my friend Candice so that she could take our car.

Here's a little video of the excitement...

And this one...

Given the clues from the box, he finally figured it out as we drove up to the passenger drop off... then he was in SHOCK for about an hour as we sat waiting to board our plane. It was literally a priceless moment.

Here's how the rest of the trip went:

We went to dinner the night we got there at the Fishermans Wharf

Saturday we rented THIS little GPS Go Car.

This was by far one of the FUNNEST times of the whole trip! It was a 2-Seater mini car with a GPS system in it... it took us all around San Francisco telling us where to turn and giving us historical fun facts about the city. If you're ever in a city that has one of these

Here's a little Go Car iphone video action:

Driving down the famous Lombard Street:

One of the pit stops on our GPS car tour.

This was the boat ride on our way to the famous Alcatraz prison!

We met up with Grant's sister Aubrie who also came down for the weekend and took a tour of Alcatraz all together. If you ever go there you HAVE to listen to the audio tour to really get the FULL effect!
It was incredible.

The Courtyard of Alcatraz

Then we got to ride the Cable Car to Union Square... Seriously an experience of a lifetime! It's one thing to see those crazy hills San Fran is built on... but its COMPLETELY different riding up them relying solely on cables in the ground to pull you. It's amazing!

We did it a little shopping...
BIGGEST Forever 21 EVER.

Grant found his street...

And it happened to be a pretty famous street
because that's the street where China Town is!

 Then we went to check out the real 2 Story Gingerbread House
at the Fairmont Hotel. It smelled AMAZING.

As you can see below... they have to keep repairing
it with frosting because people keep stealing the candy off of it.

Love. That. City.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Baby it's Cold Outside" DaTe NighT.

So often times I find that mine & Grant's schedules conflict... a.lot. Often times he puts in 12 hour days at the office. I'm thankful that my hubby is a super hard worker buuuut since he usually gets home pretty late it leaves us to only spending time together for maybe an hour before it's time to call it a night.
Either that or we just end up staying up REALLY late and we're complete zombies the next day.

It's hard having almost ZERO time for fun...
Annnnd if you know Grant, he's always looking to have some fun!

Plus I think its super important to have date nights
especially after you're married because you've got to keep
the romance alive and create memories!

Soooo with that being said,
I'm a SUPER HUGE fan of this amazing blog called

Check them out- they have a great philosophy & amazzzzing ideas!
They were actually recently nominated to be one of the TOP 10 Marriage Blogs of 2010.

I borrowed this super fun idea for a date night with my hubby.
It's perfect-o for people on a budget/ looking for a cheap date idea
 and with the holidays here...that could be many of us!
PLUS - it just gets you in the mood for the season too

You only need a few things....
Annnd the good news is, you probably already have most of them!

  • Your favorite Christmas movie
  • Your favorite snacks/goodies
  • Snowflakes (6 for $1 at the Dollar Store)
  • Fishing line to hang the snowflakes from the ceiling
  • A fireplace (if you don't have one, you can totally use a lap top screen saver or be creative and draw one... that would actually add to the fun)
  • Christmas lights (to hang around the T.V. for an extra touch)
  • Blankets & Pillows (so you can have a mini picnic in your living room floor)
Here's how our little date went down:

I left him this little note with a pair of his gloves by his keys & wallet before he left for work one morning... (on the dating divas blog they actually have a link you can print this off of- makes it SUPER easy!)

I made dinner while Grant was finishing things up at work and then I had all the decorations ready to put up... when he walked in the door he knew something was going on because I left him the note that morning but wasn't quite sure what it was. So I whisked him upstairs while I finished decorating...

Then I hung these snowflakes from the ceiling...
(I got a 12 pack at Hobby Lobby for %50 off & 6 for $1 at the Dollar Store)

Then I pulled out some white christmas lights we had
& strung them around the T.V.

Then I laid out some blankets & pillows in our living room so that we could have a mini picnic. We don't have a fireplace... so I grabbed our lap top, pulled up a picture of a cozy fireplace, and made it cover the entire screen.

Annnnd it just so happens to be that the movie "Elf" is one of Grants all time favorite movies. He can quote just about every line in the movie... so I made sure we watched it.

I made dinner, hot cocoa, & dessert to enjoy while we watched the movie.

These yummy treats were for dessert...
Strawberries & Cream (compliments of Skinny "the how-to")
& Chocolate Covered Cake Balls.

Then the best part of all was when I went to get Grant... I put on a scarf and grabbed one of his beanies. I walked into our computer room and said "You're going to need this!" Then I told him to change into something warm... A few minutes later when I went to go get him, I walked into our room and he was bundled up wearing long johns on under his pants, a big jacket, and his beanie! I just started laughing... he was definitely in for a surprise!

I led him downstairs and had only the lights around the T.V. on and the lap top with the picture of the fireplace. He LOVED it.

He actually told me it was one of his favorite dates we've had.
Super fun & super easy.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Fever {AlerT}

It's amazing how you appreciate something so much more when you don't have it...
Like your own personal time to do whatever your {heart} desires, for example.

Now that my Locos Cheerleading is over I've definitely still kept myself busy & have loved every minute of it. I recently helped plan and put on a baby shower for a friend.

Here's a few pictures of what went down:

I made little labels for everything... love them

With the help of my little sister...

We decorated these water bottles for the occasion
to go with the Limeade drink that my friend Shayla made.

My friend Shayla is practically a master chef and
she made these cute popcorn balls
that said "Thanks for Popping By!"

My mom is supercraftysewinglady status and she helped me

make these pink table runners for the shower.

I'm proud to say this was my VERY first successful sewing experience.

I'm a cupcake freak... so no party is complete

without homemade cupcakes.

Look at that cute mommy-to-be!

She's 7 1/2 months pregnant and is still super tiny.

And who doesn't love a candy table??
I borrowed this idea from a friend and the candy table
was themed "She's going to Pop"

All the candy was centered around the word "Pop"
-Tootsie Pops
-Blow Pops
-Ring Pops
-Pop Rocks
-Marshmallow Pops

 These were the Marshmallow Pops I made.
I dipped the ends in white chocolate and then in pink sprinkles.
 I wrapped them in little bags and tied them with pink and white ribbon.

Result of babyshower: Total baby fever status for Amy.
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