Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little about AmY's Life.

8 TV shows I like to watch:

Desperate Housewives
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
How It’s Made
Planet Earth
Destroyed in Seconds
Time Warp
Deadliest Catch

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:

Cafe Rio
P.F. Changs
Red Robin
Smokehouse BBQ

8 things that happened today:

Got 5 hours of sleep last night.
Packed my gym clothes for guaranteed gym-time after work.
Carpooled to work with Grant.
Had a Taco Bell lunch with Grant & his buddy Nick.
Sang “Happy Birthday” to my very grouchy boss.
Had a case of the hiccups.
Turned on my little office heater so that I wouldn’t be a popsicle.
Ate a Root Beer hard candy.

8 things I am looking forward to:

Finishing decorating my new bedroom.
Being on the relay triathlon team with my man.
Graduating college with my Bachelors Degree.
My moms wedding (an excuse to visit Grant’s amazing grandpa)
The co-ed softball team Grant & I signed up for.
Improving my wakeboarding skills every weekend.
Making goals every month and accomplishing them.
My half marathon in August. Highlight of my summer by far

8 things on my wish list:

Being a professional cheerleader for a Pro Football or Basketball team.
No windy days ever again.
A new kitten. I miss kitty terribly.
For my mom to live completely and utterly happily ever after.
The fastest metabolism ever.

A trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas.
For naturally golden tanned skin all year around.
Getting married someday.

Monday, June 1, 2009

DiSneYlanD/ CaliFoRnia AdvenTuRe...

This weekend Grant and I went with another couple down to California to spend the weekend at the beach and Disneyland! It's probably been years since I've been to Disneyland so I was really excited! We had park hopper passes for Disneyland and the California Adventure park. We arrived about 9 am and left around 10:30 pm! Such a long day but it was so much fun! We packed a lot of rides into that 1 day at the park... One ride in particular was the Maliboomer in California Adventure. It is just like the ride on the top of the stratosphere where it shoots you up in the air and you free fall down all while your stomach is twisting and turning and you can't breathe! Well at least thats how I feel!

Before we got on the ride I looked at Grant and told him that I just didn't think I could go on this ride... I was shaking just LOOKING at it! He convinced me to just stand in line with them while they waited and I could just walk right through and watch from the other side... Little did I know what I was about to embark on because before I knew it we were in line to board the ride and I was right there along with everyone!! I looked at Grant and said "I really don't think I can go on this ride!" And he just sort of laughed at me... and I said "Umm... I think I'm going to cry!".... So there I was almost having an anxiety attack about this silly ride when I look around and see all these little kids HALF my size excited to go! Grant looked at me and said "Amy you dont have to go!" And I replied "No! I'll just go! I'll just go!" That response was half convincing myself that I could do it...

So there I was doing the walk of shame over to board the ride as Grants holding my hand trying to calm me down! I sit down in the seat and he's strapping me in as the tears are still flowing! I couldn't believe how scared I was! He sat in the seat right next to me trying to calm me down... This is about what I looked like when he was strapping me in... and yes, that IS a funnel to catch any spew that might happen because of this ride!!

They totally have this ride down to a science... what they do is lift you off of the ground just enough to where your feet dangle and they sort of bounce you there for a good 15-20 seconds as the anticipation builds because you don't know when they're going to shoot you up into the air! My heart was going a thousand miles a minute and by THAT time the tears had dried up only because I knew there was no turning back! And just then we got shot like a rocket all the way to the top and just free fell down to the bottom! My stomach overturned about 100 times and it was all I could do to breathe!! All the while Grant was encouraging me to just look out at the park and see the view! I just couldn't do it though... I was counting down the seconds until I was over! Sad part was... it was literally a few seconds! When we jumped off the ride Grant grabbed me and gave me a big kiss! The Disney Crew Member working gave me a big high-five! haha! One experience I will never forget!

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