Tuesday, January 25, 2011

motivational upkeep= new races + kittylove.

Our little kittyfaces have been extra cute lately...
I think they've realized I needed some extra help around the house
since Grant's still recovering from his surgery.

Here's little 6 toes Stella helping me fold the laundry...

Here she is telling me it was all done... caught her mid-meow.
What a sweetheart right??

She worked SO hard that she completely passed out on the couch after...

She was soo out of it too.
Grant started rubbing her little paw and she didn't even move a muscle.
I just love her.

Her newest fascination is water... mainly the sink:

Then miss Rexy decided she'd help with the dishes too ...

But I'm a little sad to say that our baby Rexy is at the vet today
getting spade.
I'm pretty sure she went into "heat"
because she's been making this weird purring sound and
rubbing up on everything...
Take a looksie:

Is it weird that I'm a little nervous for her?
Anyways... keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

So the training for the Iron Girl is.... still going.
I neeeed to find ways to keep up my motivation for the next eternity 3 months! This past weekend I did an Xtreme Indoor Cycling Class. We brought in our own bikes, set them into a trainer, cycled for 20 minutes and then ran 2 miles. We did this 3 times and then ended with 20 minutes of core work. Everything was timed so people got their competitive edge going and stepped it up a bit! It was soo much fun! And a great way to work on the transitions... I loved it. It got me really excited for the Iron Girl.

Also this weekend I got together with a few lovies that I normally run with
and we signed up for the Ragnar Relay Race in April.
It starts out in Huntington Beach and then ends on Coronado Island.

Doesn't that look fun?? It's 200 miles of puuuure running adventure and
we're pretty excited because we've got some
sweeeeet team costumes in the making...  
(be on the lookout for some upcoming TOP SECRET pictures)

Then my lovely lady Jessica came across this off the friggin chart race
called the Warrior Dash. I really can't contain my excitement about this one...
It's a crazy obstacle course where you barrel through tunnels,
 jump over fire and then crawl through a mud pit at the end!

Here's a little video of what I'm talking about...

Doesn't that look sweeeeeet?? 
I'm personally inviting anyone that wants to join!  


Chelsea said...

I'm so sad I can't do Ragnar with you guys. I feel like i'd be super pregnant and grumpy to be traveling and running.... next time!

I still think you guys should dress up as wonder woman with the high waisted red runners briefs and gold capes.

The Ditata's said...

Me and some friends are doing the Warrior Dash in California on April 2nd, is that when you are doing it?! That'd be so much fun if we could all do it together.

AmY.GraNt said...

Chels I doubt this will be our last Ragnar! We'll plan one for next year and kick some SERIOUS booty! And I LOVE your wonder woman idea... but I wouldn't want to do this without you! I feel like the high waisted briefs would be a total hit!

Kelly- We haven't totally committed to one yet but we were looking at the one on April 2nd! That would be SO fun if we all did it together!

courtney said...

Hey Amy, Its Courtney Coe. I totally thought of you when I saw this website for yummy cupcakes! http://mmm-mmm-food.blogspot.com/ I think you might like some of her recipes!

AmY.GraNt said...

You are so cute Courtney! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for thinking of me!

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