Monday, February 28, 2011

Month of celebrations...

I can't believe it's already the LAST day in February?!!
This has definitely been the month of celebrations.............
1. Grady's Birthday

We celebrated our little nephews 1st birthday!

As you can see he was pretty excited about those streamers...

This is the cake his mom made him!
How cool is this?? She's literally amazing at that stuff.

This is one of my favorites.
He was SO excited about the cake that
he started waving his arms back and forth realllllllly fast

Then he snuck a little....

When we gave him his first piece, he started off pretty good.
 Loving EVERY bite...

Then he had he clobbered the side of his face with cake...
  Annnnd it was all a big mess from there!

Isn't that what a 1 year old is supposed to do??
How cute is he? Love.

No baby fever or anything, riiiight??

2. Bridal Shower
My friend Lana is getting married & I'm one of her bridesmaids.
We threw her a shower this past weekend and here's what went down:

Her wedding colors are a combination of black, silver, light lime green & white.
We themed the party around those colors
& blew up a few of their engagement photos for decoration too.

We had Green & White Oriental Paper Lanterns and balloons everywhere!

Lime green frosted cupcakes from The Cupcakery
& the cutest "i do" napkins to friggin die for!

Of course I couldn't resist doing a candy table...

I themed it around *green* candy & had:

- Mint Green Bliss Dove Chocolates
- "Engagement" Ring Pops
- Green Sour Apple Straws
- Green Apple Rings
- Green & White Mint Oreo Suckers 

These were the Oreo Suckers I made...


And good news!! My birthday is in 5 days...
Looks like more celebrations to come!!

Happy Monday!


Chelsea said...

you're so good at party throwing and you always pay attention to the details. you should do this for a living!!!


Kasie Marie said...

I agree with Chelsea

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks ladies! I love this stuff- I really would LOVE to do it for a living. Maybe someday! In the meantime... Call me if you need ideas or help with a party :)

The Ditata's said...

Send some of those Oreo suckers my way... please and thank you! :)

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