Friday, March 18, 2011

Confessions and a Thief.

 First, confession time...

You remember this post about my love affair preference of 
Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy?

Well, I've recently been cheating on Wild Strawberry
with thisssss:

Soooo goooood.

Can I just say that I've had this  unhealthy serious obsession for
my Wild Strawberry for almost 6 years now... 
I'm not even going to say how many I have each day.
We won't go there...
Sooo for the first time EVER I think I may have found a rival flavor.

If you understood the obsessiveness I have with it, 
then you'd realize it's kind of a big deal for me.
Like I would go as far as admitting that I single-handedly
just might keep the Wild Strawberry flavor in business.
I've been known to raid Wal-Mart & buy their entire supply!
Annnnd *maybe* I've done that to multiple Wal-Marts in one night... maybe.
(I really can't believe I just confessed to that...
first step is admitting you have a problem, right?)

... I even got this picture text from my best friend last 
week showing me that the dining commons at UNLV has
Wild Strawberry Energy ON TAP!! 

That could quite possibly change my life.

Regardless... my life has been changed by this *grape* flavor
and needless to say I'm expanding horizons & embracing the new.

Secondly.... I caught a thief IN THE ACT!

Here is the suspect: Miss Stiletto  

The Act: Stealing my make-up...

  And here she is completely caught red handed

stealing my favorite lip gloss & trying to explain herself...

Close call. Close call.


Annalisa Fish said...

I am completely in love with wild strawberry energy too!! I guess i gotta convert to the grape :) P.S. Is that Nu Skin product I see behind your kitty?? I work for their company!

cmeeder said...

hahaha! Stella ... and you thought you could trust her, didn't you? I'm going to buy you the Crystal Light Machine I saw at UNLV for some kind of holiday and I will make sure that Wild Strawberry and Grape are the two flavors that come with it! You are so funny but awesome because now I am hooked on Grape crystal light. What am I going to do with the other 2,398,382.5 packets that are not Grape now?

AmY.GraNt said...

Annalisa! I am SO glad you understand my addiction! Let me know if you like the grape too- I think its absolutely fabulous :) And that is totally Nuskin! I'm obsessed with that stuff too! I didn't know you worked for them? Very cool!

Candice I'm so glad I could officially convert you to the dark side... Muahahaa! But no really, you should really buy a duo-strawberry grape machine. That would be pure awesomeness!!

Annalisa Fish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annalisa Fish said...

So I tried the grape...LOVE it!! Another one I found that might give you even more variety is the wal-mart brand(it is actually really good too!)Pomegranate Lemonade Energy flavor...SO yummy! And yep I have worked for Nu Skin for about a year and a half...i love it! They have the BEST product :)

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