Thursday, March 3, 2011

*Love Hunt* Date.

We FINALLY got to have our Valentine's date!
I felt like I'd been planning it
And since our water heater flooded our garage the night before
the big V-Day.... we had to postpone our little date night.
(better late than never- right?)

And the best part about dates like this....
You can totally do this for an anniversary
or just for a random romantic date.

So this is what I did:

Grant came home to this candy gram & his robe...

I made him a bubble bath & left him to relax while I made some dinner.

Here's place setting... super cheeeeesy hearts status but in honor of V-day I'm allowed.

Thennn after dinner was the LOVE HUNT.

Here's what I made him:

I hid the clues all around the house & even tied one to our little Stella!

He had to do a love "task" before he got to pull the next "clue" out of the slip.
Tasks ranged from taking turns making a toast to
slow dancing to our favorite *love* song.

The last clue led up to our bedroom where he walked into this:

In the gift bag I had this for him:

Since I made a New Years Resolution for more date nights & I wanted to
make a little scrapbook to document everything... and I came up with this.

I decorated some pages and left about half the book empty to add to it.

Then we topped it all off with this yummy dessert:

Here's the super easy "How-To"

I borrowed some of these fun ideas from those
amazing Dating Divas and threw my own twist on them.
They have some great date ideas & tips.
Check 'em out!

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