Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The BIG 2-5.

So I'm officially a quarter of a century old now.
And my mother so graciously reminded me of that
first thing birthday morning... thanks alot mom.

I did have quite the fun filled birthday weekend though.
Here's what happened:

1. Duathlon
Saturday morning at Boulder Beach I had a Duathlon race.
It was a 1 mile run- 10 mile bike- 2 mile run.

My thoughts before the race: "Pshh... this'll be a piece of {birthday} cake!"

My thoughts after the race: "I feel like barfing up any sort of
remains of what WOULD BE cake!"

Can we just say I underestimated it by... well... a lot??
Yeahhh... so it was a little harder than I expected.

{before the race}

{finishing the first mile}

{trying to get my foot clipped in... this bystander lady can totally tell I'm a newbee}

{Me & Mando- Jessica's hubby- after the race}

And what's interesting is that while reading all these articles on triathlons and whatnot to sort of prepare myself... I've noticed that many of them say to work on your transitions and that **the bike to run transition is the hardest**
I have now come to realize how true that statement is! My legs were absolute NOODLES after riding crazy hills for 10 miles and then trying to run! It almost took me the whole first mile for them to stop feeling like gumby central. It was a bizarre feeling.
And with all of this barfy + noodle leggy stuff going on...
I've realized that I SO need to step up the training.
 Needless to say it was a big butt kicking eye-opener for sure!

2. Mani Pedi Date
My best friend Jessica treated me to a much needed manicure & pedicure
after the little duathlon on Saturday. Serious sweetheart status! Love her.
I decided to venture out of my typical hot pink color
and get a light purple on the toes...
I was feeling rather springy until Grant told me it looked "Grandma Status".
I reminded him that I was just trying to fit in
 since I was a *quarter of a century now*

Good or bad- I can always count on his honesty.

3. Wii Dance Part-ay
Saturday night we had a big dance party with some amazing friends!
We had a few dance battles playing Dance 2 on the Wii.
Sooo much fun!
Here's a few pics of the birthday bash: 

{my birthday sign}

A few cake pops that I made...
{first time making them}

Here's a little iphone video of the guys showing their sweet moves...

(it's a little dark but you can still get the gist of it)

Shakin' it to OutKast...

The winners battling it out to Viva Las Vegas!

We had some sweet makeshift candles (a.k.a. toothpicks) on the yummy
funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting Jessica made me!

Annnd best part was hanging out with some of my best friends!

Still can't believe I'm this old already??


Chelsea said...

Yay for your awesome b-day weekend!

you rock with your biking and running. I love it! Wish I could get out there and run right now. ;( In a few months!

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks Chels!! Can't wait to get you out there running with us again... but I really can't wait to meet your newest addition :)

cmeeder said...

So fun! I still have to send you pictures and videos from this night! I'm sooo slow, dance party every friday night, lets do it.

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