Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{BFF Status}

I still feel like I'm pretty new to this whole "blogging" thing. So I've been doing a little blog hopping and I recently stumbled across this amazing little blogger called Little Miss Momma and decided to join in her fun. So here ya go!

Things you should know about me if
we're going to be BFF status:

I have this incredibly irrational validated fear of cotton balls that makes me allllll sorts of squeamish and goose bumpy with a few body shutters as well. It runs in my family. Coincidence?

I am obsessssssssssssssed with Wild Strawberry Crystal Light. Like bad.
(typical shopping outing)

I can fall asleep ANYWHERE ANYTIME as long as I'm tired. When I was little I fell asleep at a Tim McGraw concert.

There's not a holiday that goes by that I don't whip out some homemade cupcakes... and I've recently been making them "guilt free" so-to-speak by using egg whites and applesauce. Y.U.M. 
(which ACTUALLY makes them much more super moist)

{4th of July cupcakes I made for a party}

I was once Miss Congeniality in a Pageant.

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters of which I am the very middle child.

I have hair extensions that I throw in for random dress up days and special occasions. Hey, it's just fun being a girl!

(yep, these are extensions)

My "go-to" method for cleaning is Clorox Wipes.
I have them in our kitchen, every bathroom & even my desk at work.
...And the older I get,  the more of a germ-a-phobe I become.

{beauty secret}
-lip gloss, crest white strips & mascara
(reallllllly love mascara)

I can't wait to be a mommy {sigh}

Scary Movies = No Bueno. I completely freak myself out watching them.

When I grow up I want to be a Cowgirl... well actually that's what I wanted to be when I was little. I don't think the dream has ever completely subsided.


Chelsea said...

Yep, i knew everything except for your siblings. You would think I would know that by now....

oh, and I too will be very excited when you tell the world a cropper is on the way!

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

I become more of a germ-a-phobe the older I get too.

Fun list :o) Visiting you from LMM.

Robert & Brittany said...

I love the fact that I knew EVERYTHING about you!!! Love you!

Livin' our Love Story said...

umm your adorable! I thought you had extensions, but they look SO real! The cotton ball thing cracks me up!

Alicia said...

Enjoyed reading your list. I too can not watch scary movies...I already have to sleep with a night light *blush* if I watch them kind of movies....every light in the house ends up on as soon as it gets dark outside. lol.
Will have to visit your blog again sometime. :)

Chism Classics said...

Loved the list! I am a germ-a-phobe as well. I cant help it and I try not to be. I love the picture of your hair extensions. Beautiful! I am going to be a new follower of your blog!

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