Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Au Revoir... Adios... Farewell!

My little brother Taylor is going into the MTC today!
I cannot believe he's already that old...
It's a little bit of a funny story because everyone kept asking him....

"Where do you want to go on your mission?"

His response: "Oh I don't care- anywhere but Odgen!"

And then when he got his mission call guess where he got called?

Odgen, Utah baby!

We seriously thought he was joking but he said "No, no its true... and if it wasn't so dang funny then I'd probably be bummed out!" But needless to say, he's more than ecstatic to go! I've never seen someone so eager to go on a mission- He would go out with the missionaries every night that he could. He's an amazing brother with a huge testimony
and I know he'll be an amazing missionary.

So since he'll be gone for 2 years we decided to get together
with our favorite photographer (Chelsea Robbins) and sneak in some quick family pictures!


{daddy's girls}

{future missionary on the left}

{silly faces that mom wasn't going for}

{zoolander model poses... not sure i've ever seen a model pose like dads before. ever.}

{Grant & Taylor KILL me. Total karate chop action}

{the ladies kissy face}

{the last time we'll be together for the next 4 years}

I love you Taylor! Good luck!!

And thank you Chelsea for doing another fabulous job!
(check out her other super fab work here)

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