Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ThanKsGiviNg WeeKenD.

We've had quite the fun-filled busy weekend cooking and playing cards
and shopping at 3am on Black Friday!

Here's a few other things that went down:

1. Coolest Mom Ever Award.

Let me start off with a mini story...
I went to Foothill High School and our mascot: the Falcons
I was also in Student Council and one year for an assembly
we had to make "Falcon Pants".
I took some old jeans, cut them into capri's,
 & glued felt feathers all over them.

Now the reason for that mini story...
So I get this e-mail from my mom last week & here's how the conversation went:

Mom: Hey, do you still have those Falcon pants from high school?

Me: Yeah.... why? (mind you, I've been out of high school for 6 years now)

Mom: Oh because they're having a Turkey/Pilgrim dress up
contest at work and I wanted to wear them! 

Me: Brilliant. I'll see if I can find them.

Annnnnnd brilliant it was!
Here is the picture text I got from my mom that next morning...

She totally made the wings and the beak to complete the ensemble!
Hilarious. Coolest mom award for sure.
And PS.... she totally won.

2. 12k Turkey Trot

So I signed Grant & I up for a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning 
just so I could eat extra pumpkin pie.
Annnnd I signed Grant up so that I could have a
running buddy... and who better for that job than my hubby?!

The race was through the 6 Tunnels by Lake Mead &
29 degrees to be exact. thankyouverymuch.
I literally had 4 layers of pants on...
it wasn't until the 2nd mile of the race that
I realized I wanted to friggin rip them off.

 Appppparently your body heats up A.LOT.
when you're running outside in the cold.

Here's a few pictures of the event:

{freeeeeezing before the start}

 {the ladies}

{my lady love Jessica}

{Grants mean face}

{Half way point}

{traditional jumping picture}

{after we finished}

One thing to note about this picture...
Candice (girl in blue) isn't wearing a bib #
She decided to jump in the race last minute
& just run it for fun.
It was hilarious watching her squeak past
the start line without a bib #
and then RIGHT at the end she ran off the trail
just before the finish line!
I love that girl. Too funny.

We got some pretty sweet metals for this race too...

How cute is this bad boy??
It even has a hole in the center of the tunnel.
Love it.

3. Cranberry Delight

So I totally wanted to contribute to our thanksgiving feast
so I made this special homemade cranberry sauce
when we had Thanksgiving with my mom.

It was so colorful I decided to share:

Now this isn't just your normal cranberry sauce...
It has fresh cranberries, sugar, orange rind,
and red wine. The alcohol cooks down
when you cook it- and everything together
tastes yummmmm.

4. Kitty Love

So the kitties are doing amazing...
Still as cute as ever.

{little Rexy face lounging around}

{miss Stella pants being a little cutie}

Happpppppppy Tuesday... which it's practically Wednesday,
which means tomorrow is Thursday, which means when we wake up it's Friday!!
TGIF people. T.G.I.F.
(hey, something has to get me through the week, right?! wishful thinking.)


Cami said...

I can't believe you still have those pants! I think I threw mine away as soon as I could! That is hilarious - it almost makes me wish I still had mine :) I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Robert & Brittany said...

Ohmygosh! Mom is hilarious!! I remember when you made those pants! I can't believe you still had them!!

AmY.GraNt said...

Cami- I they were in a box with all my old foothill dance uniforms! How funny huh? I totally think that'll be my outfit for Thanksgiving next year :) Thanks doll!

Britt- Can you believe mom?? She is hilarious! And of course you remember those crazy pants because #1- they took me foreverrrrrr to make and #2- craziest pants I ever wore to school! haha

cmeeder said...

You are so cute Amy! I love that you decided to share the cranberry picture because it was so colorful! haha, I would do the same thing.

The race = priceless by the way. For a number of reasons: 1. we woke up like 6 on thanksgiving to run in freeezing cold weather for the very purpose of feeling good about eating alll day long 2. I never had a bib but still ended up with a medal...yep, sure did. 3. We started the race ummm... 5 minutes late? Last ones to go! haha 4. Jessica held her camera the whole time and we stopped and took pictures along the way...awesome 5. We had to hike down the side of the mountain to get to the starting line 6. Mando was a ninja turtle 7. EVERYONE was tan, but me...not cool. 8. I pretended to be a turkey while running down the road 9. I am so glad that we did this together!

AmY.GraNt said...

Candizzle... you just made me relive this entire experience. SO fun! I say we make it a yearly tradition. I just love you!

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