Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HaLLo - HunTinG.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I mean who doesn't love a holiday centered around candy and getting dressed up?!!

This Halloween I actually decided to join the
Cropper boys on their annual deer hunt.
Yep! I went deer hunting...
of course I didn't shoot anything but I tagged along.

So since we didn't get to join in any spookylicious festivities,
I decided to put a little something together
for my hubby to bring the halloween spirit with us.

I made him this card:

The inside said this:

And this was his "mummy treat"
I wrapped his favorite candy in gauze &
hot glued on some eye balls to give it some character.

He loved it.
Thankfully I married a guy that loves the little crafts I make for him!

And if you're wondering if we got a deer on our hunt??

Here's Troy-boy/Grant-look-a-like/deer hunter extraordinaire...

That's a good looking 5 X 6

Good job Troy-boy!


Chelsea said...

that mummy candy bar idea is genius. I wish I had done it. i thought about it after candice told me that you guys had done it.... next year.

how cute would this be to put in conrad's lunch box!!!!!! I'm so excited!

Skylar and Lauren said...

WoW I can't believe that they got u to go! What a trooper-hopefully u left the heals at home! haha!

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks Chels! Definitely next year for sure! Conrad will love that!

And Lauren I almost can't believe I went either... Definitely left the heels at home & opted for some hiking boots instead- if you can believe that! I even slept in a tent and everything... Talk about roughing it! haha

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