Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Fever {AlerT}

It's amazing how you appreciate something so much more when you don't have it...
Like your own personal time to do whatever your {heart} desires, for example.

Now that my Locos Cheerleading is over I've definitely still kept myself busy & have loved every minute of it. I recently helped plan and put on a baby shower for a friend.

Here's a few pictures of what went down:

I made little labels for everything... love them

With the help of my little sister...

We decorated these water bottles for the occasion
to go with the Limeade drink that my friend Shayla made.

My friend Shayla is practically a master chef and
she made these cute popcorn balls
that said "Thanks for Popping By!"

My mom is supercraftysewinglady status and she helped me

make these pink table runners for the shower.

I'm proud to say this was my VERY first successful sewing experience.

I'm a cupcake freak... so no party is complete

without homemade cupcakes.

Look at that cute mommy-to-be!

She's 7 1/2 months pregnant and is still super tiny.

And who doesn't love a candy table??
I borrowed this idea from a friend and the candy table
was themed "She's going to Pop"

All the candy was centered around the word "Pop"
-Tootsie Pops
-Blow Pops
-Ring Pops
-Pop Rocks
-Marshmallow Pops

 These were the Marshmallow Pops I made.
I dipped the ends in white chocolate and then in pink sprinkles.
 I wrapped them in little bags and tied them with pink and white ribbon.

Result of babyshower: Total baby fever status for Amy.


Chelsea said...

omg, can you plan my next shower! you should get paid to do this, you're so good at thinking about all of the details. i loved the cupcakes and the lollipops.

mando&jessica said...

ahh i have baby fever too! Maybe we should start earlier than we planned with our pregnancy pact! Plus i just found out today my cousin is pregnant... which of course made me want to be too!!

mando&jessica said...

oh and you did an amazing job decorating!! you will definitley be doing mine!!!

Robert & Brittany said...

And how come i didn't have you do my shower?!? You are amazing!!

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks!! Girls I'm sooo in for planning ALL your showers! I LOVE this stuff & it's pretty much my dream job lol... And Britt I totally don't know why I didn't plan yours! Next baby I'll throw you a party just for the heck of it :)

Kasie Marie said...

AMAZING!!! You and Brittney Scott should start a business... she's really good at this stuff too and I always tell her she needs to get paid for it!! You're so creative!!! Thanks to people like you I have someone to copy and pretend like I'm creative ;-)

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