Sunday, January 16, 2011

things of note.

Week 2 of training for Iron Girl: DONE. well... sort of.

Grant's surgery experience has completely thrown
a wrench in my training schedule...
I didn't realize how much I would be affected by it
 & it took a lot out of me... more so than I planned.

having to take care of everything after working a full day = exhaustion

Anyways... the only sort of training I was able to accomplish
this week were my swimming sessions in the wee hours of the morning.
I'm starting to feel like I might reallllllly be able to do this whole Iron Girl thing...
as reality is starting to set in, here's a few things of note:

1. A.M.Workout Sessions are Best
I read an article a while back and it said that people who workout in the morning have a 90% chance of staying committed to their workout regimen. Then I got to thinking... this would ring *true* for me because after I work a full day I just never know what might come up or how I'll be feeling and its suuuure easier to compromise my workout when I've had a loooong tiring workday.

On the drive home from one of my a.m. swim sessions the sunrise was

And to be honest, pictures don't even do justice.
It's definitely a refreshing way to start out the day on many levels.

2. You are what you eat
Ever heard that saying? This week I have had ZERO energy for cooking dinner when I get home from work. I even lost my will power for eating healthy all together... it was all thrown out the window when I suggested to Grant one night, "hey, do you want to order in some Pizza Hut?" It's definitely out of the ordinary and I enjoyed every.last.bite. . . . until the next morning when I woke up feeling all sorts of yucky. Then to top it off this was my snack the next day:

I didn't feel guilty about these overindulgences
until I remembered another article that I read that said
"70% of your success is NUTRITION"
So now it's back on the bandwagon for me.

3. I have the cutest kitties
This may have nothing to do with my training for the week...
but I just couldn't help the fact that they are off the chart bff status.

Take a look at the cuteness:

Seriously precious right??

Ohhhh I could die.... and squeeze them... either or.
I love these widdle babyheads.
Hope you're having better
luck with your goals!

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