Monday, January 10, 2011

{owwiee} status.

I figured I would document some of my progress on my New Years "goals"
Ya know, give myself some accountability to actually finishing them.

Week 1 of training for the Iron Girl is complete.

And I have already learned a few things........
Let's take a looksie, shall we?
{i just love lists}
1. Bike Maintenance 
REI has free bike maintenance classes every month...
and since I'll be riding a lot more I decided it was probably time
to learn the general "how-to" in regards to a bike.
I signed Grant & I up for the class to learn a thing or two.

Here's the metal machine I'll be putting those
trusty skills to the test on...
(lets just hope it'll be in one piece when I get done with it!)

2. Sports Specific Strength Training
I bought Grant this book for his birthday
because he's planning on doing a 1/2 Iron Man in Hawaii this summer
(I've never been to Hawaii so I'm pretty stoked!)

... and since I'm doing an Iron Girl I decided to educate myself as well.
Goooood stuff. Definitely recommended for anyone
interested in triathlons.

3. Training Schedule
I'm a super big fan of Hal Higdon's running schedules.
I've used them while training for my half marathons....
Thanks to my pro runner status sister-in-law
Lindsay for referring them to me!

Now as I look for a sort of guideline to train for this Iron Girl,
I found a Sprint Triathlon training schedule by Hal Higdon (cha ching!)

He offers 2 different schedules & here is the link
I always sort of tweak the schedule to fit my taste,
but it's nice to initially have a guideline to go off of!

4. Epsom Salt
Of allllllll the dancing running working out I've ever done in my whole life,
I have never used Epsom Salt?
I heard that it helps with soreness?? 
I'm beginning to believe that I should try it though...
This last week has taken a toll on my body... like reallllllly sore {owwiee}
And I can only imagine the soreness is going to continue...
So any advice with this stuff??


Chelsea said...

I used epsom salt a lot while training for the red rock half - and I poured cupfulls of it in the bath and didn't really see a difference. You might though.

yah for your triathalon/iron girl training! I'm excited for you!

AmY.GraNt said...

Hmmm... thanks for the advice Chels! Maybe I need to just suck it up :) And thank you, can't wait to meet your little bundle of cuteness!

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