Thursday, January 13, 2011

i'm a bad wife.

Yep, bad wife status. I'd like to claim that I'm new to this whole "wife" thing, but mannnn have I got a few things to learn.....
My sweet little hubbyface Grant had to have hernia surgery last week (which he's had for the past 2 years, so its about dang time) and I didn't even think about it until the day before when my mother-in-law asked me...

"So Amy, who's going to take Grant to his surgery & pick him up?"

Me: "uhhh...."

Being the amazing status that she is, she volunteered to take him.
So I'm at work the Friday he's having his surgery and I swear people left & right are coming out of the wood works to give me the guilttripofmylife when they ask "why I'm not there with my husband during surgery??"

My answer?

"uhhh, I didn't know I was supposed  to be there."

Yeah, so that alone should definitely win me lovely #1 wife points.
I mean, lets be real here... I'm new to this whole "wife business".
We've only been married a little over a year now!

Anyways..............I did  go pick him up from the hospital but to add
another dagger wound to my bruised ego,
the first words he said to me as I walked in the room 
(still waking up from anesthetics, mindyou)

"ohh... you do love me"

I got it allllllllllllll day... even from the hubster who wasn't even coherent!!

Here's the little pitiful pants himself after surgery....

(can we talk about how BIG his feet look?? gotta love iphone pictures)

ANYWAYS, I made up for the forgetful mishap when I played
"cater to my handicap hubby" all weekend.
And he's definitely got it rough since he's on some heavy duty pain meds & playing with his current love affair "modern warfare: black ops" on his PlayStation. I swear to you, he practically makes sweet love to the friggin game every time he plays it.
I mean the first words out of his mouth to the nurse when he was waking up from anesthesia was...
"i love my PS3"

WTF? Where's the love for the wifey, dude??!

... there is sooo a love affair going on. 

What's your man's current "love affair"?


Chelsea said...

I like grants short hair! It looks cute!

I still think you're a good wife!

*I broke Dustins nose a few years back while wrestling and the first think I did was laugh my butt off watching him in pain. why was it so funny? I can't tell you. But I couldnt' stop laughing. 450$ later, his nose is still crooked and he snores at night-due to a diviated septum. All my fault. I felt like a bad wife too.

;) His current obsession is Unlv football. He wears his vintage unlv shirt i got him from the thrift store a few years ago-during every game. Even if he's just watching it on tv at home. he still has to put it on. it's very cute though how much he loves unlv.

AmY.GraNt said...

Oh my gosh! You broke his nose! hahaha... too funny! You should just tell him it's a "love" tap :) Glad I'm not the only wife whose had a mishap....

And UNLV Football huh? Love the Rebel support! I should probably be a little more dedicated as a UNLV alumni! Way to go Dustin! :)

Robert & Brittany said...

Hahahaha Amy you crack me up. One thing I have learned from being married is that the men are huge babies when it comes to them being sick or in the hospital. I now know why men don't have babies. Just wait till you are in the hospital and in labor...they are completely useless! Haha. I think you are doing just fine.
Oh and my husband is cheating on me with the same thing... Right now actually!!

Skylar and Lauren said...

I agree with Brittany...about 'sick' men...enough said. Don't worry about it. I don't care how drugged Grant was he knew what he was saying when he said oh u do love me...what a little twirp...he's always been that way that is SO grant. haha! Tell him I hope he feels better and I love him! (Don't worry readers....this is his cousin)

AmY.GraNt said...

Hahaha... Thanks ladies! And as I'm learning- men are babies :)

Lauren I love that you called him a little twirp! Too funny

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