Monday, December 20, 2010

Why I kidnapped my HusBanD.

I really can't remember the last time that my hubby & I had a vacation...
Over the summer he was total hermit status while studying for his Series 7 test and then I was super busy with Locos Cheerleading.

Annnnnnd with that...
I decided it was time for me to get to work!

Since my husband LOVES surprises just as much as I LOVE surprising him,
I planned a weekend "golden gate get-a-way" to San Francisco!!

It was TOTALLY spur of the moment too...

I literally found an AMAZING deal on a flight:
$59 one way & $39 back!
I couldn't pass it up so I hurried & booked it.

Here's how it alllllll went down:

Since he had NO clue, by the way...
like ZIP... ZERO... NADA
(evil laugh)

I surprised him with this box on the Friday we were leaving.

So I filled this box with clues to where we were going...
The box included:
  • Ghirradelli Chocolate Squares
  • Gold Fish Crackers (for Fishermans Wharf)
  • Chop Sticks (for China Town)
  • Handcuffs (Alcatraz Prison)
  • Gold Candy Coins (San Fran Financial District)
  • A mini Trolley car
I gave it to him right when we got in the car to go, where he thought, to lunch! But in reality I had his bags all packed and we were headed STRAIGHT for the airport. We made a mini pit stop on our way out to pick up my friend Candice so that she could take our car.

Here's a little video of the excitement...

And this one...

Given the clues from the box, he finally figured it out as we drove up to the passenger drop off... then he was in SHOCK for about an hour as we sat waiting to board our plane. It was literally a priceless moment.

Here's how the rest of the trip went:

We went to dinner the night we got there at the Fishermans Wharf

Saturday we rented THIS little GPS Go Car.

This was by far one of the FUNNEST times of the whole trip! It was a 2-Seater mini car with a GPS system in it... it took us all around San Francisco telling us where to turn and giving us historical fun facts about the city. If you're ever in a city that has one of these

Here's a little Go Car iphone video action:

Driving down the famous Lombard Street:

One of the pit stops on our GPS car tour.

This was the boat ride on our way to the famous Alcatraz prison!

We met up with Grant's sister Aubrie who also came down for the weekend and took a tour of Alcatraz all together. If you ever go there you HAVE to listen to the audio tour to really get the FULL effect!
It was incredible.

The Courtyard of Alcatraz

Then we got to ride the Cable Car to Union Square... Seriously an experience of a lifetime! It's one thing to see those crazy hills San Fran is built on... but its COMPLETELY different riding up them relying solely on cables in the ground to pull you. It's amazing!

We did it a little shopping...
BIGGEST Forever 21 EVER.

Grant found his street...

And it happened to be a pretty famous street
because that's the street where China Town is!

 Then we went to check out the real 2 Story Gingerbread House
at the Fairmont Hotel. It smelled AMAZING.

As you can see below... they have to keep repairing
it with frosting because people keep stealing the candy off of it.

Love. That. City.


Chelsea said...

what a fun time. I've always wanted to plan a surprise trip. This is too cute! what a sweet little wifey you are!

Chelsea said...

Ps, I LOVE Grant. He's so hilarious. The videos are too funny.

We went to San Fran the first year we were married and it was amazing. We stayed in the tender loin and almost got shanked a few times by some crazy cracked out bums, AND I almost got my camera stolen from me by some gang banger.... it was a memorable trip. Next time, we'll pay a little more money to stay in a better part of town.

AND, we need to have a game night soon and hang with you guys! Miss you BOTH.

Kasie Marie said...

You're amazing!! or should I say AMYzing!
seriously though, this is brilliant!

Monica McCoy said...

So cute! I am super jealous.

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks ladies!! And seriously though... I love how excited Grant gets. I can't even help but laugh when I watch those videos. He gets THAT excited about every surprise... so it makes surprising him super fun.

Chelsea- those bums in San Fran are no joke haha! Definitely cracked out crazies... We have some seriously memorable stories about them too. So funny. Game night is a MUST. We miss you!

cmeeder said...

That was the best car ride 'of my life!' (as grant would say, haha) It looks like you had such an amazing time. You're the best wife ever!

Livin' our Love Story said...

omgoodness I love it! What a GREAT! idea!

Livin' our Love Story said...

the more I think about it, and saw the airline prices on alliegente, I may copy this idea! lol Thanks for sharing!

AmY.GraNt said...

Oh Brit definitely feel free to copy it! It's so fun doing surprises like this :)

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