Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa, I've been a good girl!

So I have this obsession with cupcakes. No surprise right?
Well now my love of cupcakes is going to have a little competition going on...

I came across THIS BOOK the other day and almost
couldn't breathe because I was soooooo excited. 
I have without-a-doubt put this at the top of my Christmas list.

Who gets that excited over a book about cake, you ask???!

Well... ummm... me, I guess.

I mean, with this book... just IMAGINE the possiblities of fun!



I mean, just LOOK at this cuteness...

The girl that created this is even called Bakerella!

So now I'm crossing my fingers & I've been extra good this year
and with that, Santa should definitely get this for me.

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