Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shout Outs.

I have some pretty cool guys in my life. Here's why...

First things first:

I'm proud to say that.... Grant passed his test!!
Apparently the Series 7 Securities test is one of the top 3 hardest tests in the country! Am I gloating? Certainly so... and rightfully so because my hubbyman has spent practically every waking moment for the past 3 months being a complete hermit dedicated to studying AND if you know Grant, that's hard for him to do because he loves to play. So...

Good job GRANT!
(extra points for being smart & sexy! yesss.) 

We've decided to expand the little Rex man's horizons a bit and introduce him to Grant's parents dog.

This is The Rocket.
("the" just makes him totally sounds more legit)

Here's the first interaction... 

Annnnnd here is the second...
(watch for the "fake out")

He's pretty brave for a little kitty huh?? 
Especially going up against something about 187469237 TIMES his size.

We love him.

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

for a second there I got excited thinking you were telling us you were pregnant when you said We've decided to expand..." My heart skipped a beat. *SIGH* Someday soon!

Your kitty is so so cute! and YOU GO BOYYYY! Grant is SUCH a stud.

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