Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a GIRL!

So we've had quite a bit of a fun filled weekend...
We had our first trip to the vet on Saturday for a wellness check-up & some shots.
(My husband is a very handy dandy iphone user & loves to take pictures/videos of everything)
In the little waiting room...
Giving eskimo kisses.

And we've now come to find out that our little Rex man is not so much a man... but...


Soo... I'm still a little stunned.
My whole perspection of this little kitty has completely changed!
We've decided to call her Rexy. 
Apparently with little kitties its VERY hard to tell the sex when they're so little...
SHE (so weird) is only 9 weeks old and weighs about 4 lbs.
I guess that little blue collar with a bow tie I just bought will have to be returned for a bling bling diamond one.

Next... I had my first game cheering for the UFL Locos Saturday night.
So so much fun! It felt amazing to be dancing and performing again.
It was a live televised game and they had the 90's band Sugar Ray performing at half time!
We didn't end up winning BUT it was a pretty good game nontheless.
And lets face it, I'm just here to dance!

(thats me- front middle- smiling at Grant)

Then the very next morning...
We had an early sunrise Locos photoshoot at this historical sign:

Very fitting for the LaS VeGaS LoCos. Kinda fun right?
Well... try telling that to 30 girls going off 2 hours of sleep after a long game day...
You can call that dedication.

Happpppy Monday.


Chelsea said...

Rexy, that's super cute.

You look like a little bomb shell in those pictures my love!
That hair is lookin' hot.

AmY.GraNt said...

Awww thank you Chels! My hair was all done up for the game that night. Kinda fun to get all dolled up sometimes ya know?

And we definitely love our little kitty :)

mando&jessica said...

Your hair looks amazingly volumptuous in these pictures!

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