Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've always said "Someday I'll be a pro cheerleader!"

Well I've finally gotten my chance... sort of.
Semi-Pro anyways.

In June I tried out for the Las Vegas Locomotives UFL Cheerleading team. It's a semi-pro league and this is only their second season in existence... first season for the cheerleaders. New program, new uniforms, new everything!

It's been intense. We have practices 2 nights a week and we have mandatory personal training sessions 2 times a week which have totally been in f'ing sane kicking my butt. 

We recently had our first team photoshoot and performed at a team scrimmage game.
Here's a looksie...

The team.

Posing with even the tiniest of fans at the scrimmage game.

My crazy team.

My line girls minus a few. Love them.
 They call themselves the "A-Team" because I'm their line captain.

For the next few months this will continue consuming my life.
Come check out a game or two :)


Chelsea said...

Those fish nets are super hot! You look gorgeous as always. I hope we can come out to see a game and cheer you on!

You go girl!

AmY.GraNt said...

hahaha... yeah chels anytime you want to borrow my fishnets for your little "fashion" outfits, you go right ahead lol.

I'll definitely hook you up with tickets love :)

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