Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I have this confession.

It's pretty bad.

I, ummm... locked my kitty in the fridge!!
I know, I know, what kind of a mother does that??!

Let me just tell you what happened, ok? So there we are eating cereal one morning and hanging out in the kitchen. Of course the little Rex face is gnawing off our toes hanging out with us. I go to put the milk away and we walk upstairs. About 10 minutes goes by and there's no sign of our little Rex... so we're walking around the house calling for him.


I walk downstairs calling his name...


Walk into the kitchen and I hear this mini muffled "meow"

I panic and throw open the fridge! Low and behold the little guy jumps out of the bottom door compartment! He must have jumped in there when I put the milk away...

I squeal and scoop him up in my hands all while Grants running downstairs telling me that I almost killed our kitty!

So now all he does is hide from me....

Happy Thursday.


Keri and Keith Stolworthy said...

haha, amy you are so cute!

Skylar and Lauren said...

haha! That's hilarious! (but only because the kitty was OK of course~)

cmeeder said...

haha! I still need to meet Little Rex! He will love you once again, but you almost killed him which is why he is afraid of you. Don't worry, it happens to all new mommies. (I sound like Grant, huh??) Well you are so super cute and I'm glad that Rex is alive and happy!

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