Sunday, June 24, 2012

31 Weeks.

How far along: 31 weeks, 6 days
Maternity clothes: Yes 
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well... thinking I might need to invest in more pillows though. They're nice to use to sandwich myself between since I can only sleep on my side.
Best moment this week: Ok, best & scariest moment this week was having my doctors appointment. Now that I'm in my 3rd trimester I have to go every 2 weeks for a check-up. First thing I asked the doctor when I saw her was if they did an ultrasound in the 3rd trimester... her response "No, not unless there's something to be concerned about and we want to check the baby"... then she proceeds to finish the appointment by measuring my belly & says "You know what, I think we'll schedule that ultrasound for the next time you come in"   ummmm huh? Apparently my little babe is measuring a wee bit small (according to my stomach size) & they want to check her measurements on an ultrasound. What made me feel better though is that when we listened to her little heartbeat it was completely normal and she started kicking the doppler machine that was on my stomach. Really not too concerned at this point but now I'm just anxious to see our little baby next week!
Miss anything: Fitting into my skinny jeans... oh someday {sigh}
Morning sickness: None
Movement: We definitely have one active little lady! Funniest moment this week was when I took my little sister out for a Sonic date... we were driving and little baby Sophie was kicking like crazzzzy & my stomach was moving all over. My little sister looked at my stomach, saw it moving and gasped "whoaaa!!" then we both started cracking up. So funny to see her expression.
Symptoms: A few leg cramps, achy back, and the latest... a little bit of swollen feet! ahhh true prego symptoms!
Food cravings: Popsickles & grapes! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Stupid frozen dinners & microwaveable anything
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes. In fact, I went swimming this week and as I was signing in this guy walked by and said "I hope you're signing in for 1 1/2!"  (nice one random guy)
Gender prediction: A little lady love
Labor signs: Not yet
Belly button in or out: Still in between status... looks completely flat.
Wedding rings on or off: On but getting snug!
Happy or Moody most of the time: O.m.g... if there is a "total hot mess" status, that would be me. I've been on a complete roller coaster this week. I feel bad for my husband- sorry babe!
Looking forward to: Finishing putting the nursery together... to see the latest update on 
our nursery ----> see here<3


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Chelsea said...

I'm glad that you're doing so well and baby is doing well. It's fun to get to see them in the ultrasound! I bet she's gonna be just fine for size. They always tell you that your baby is huge and then they deliver and they're 6-7 lbs (but these days 7-8lbs is considered big for babies apparently.) Plus, they usually put on a half pound to a pound a week in the last month of pregnancy (last month is 37,38,39 & 40 weeks & a lot of docs induce around 37-38 weeks, but if yours is concerned about her weight than I'm sure he'll let you go all the way to 40 so that your baby gets to get chubby and fat with well developed lungs and matured enough to get the hang of nursing etc.) My friend measured small and her baby was 5 and a half pounds, she went full term and her baby nursed for 2 years, so it can be done. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine. ;)

I can't believe how beautiful you look. the pregnancy glow is totally there my friend!

AND the nursery looks so cute!

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