Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nursery Room Progress.

Just a quick glimpse into the progress of our nursery...
The color theme I chose for the nursery is a light grey & white with light pink accents.
I've been loving chevron stripes lately and I really wanted to attempt to paint them in the nursery.

I love home improvement projects and anything to do with painting. It's so fun to see a room transform!
I have to admit when I told my husband my plans for the nursery I think he was a bit skeptical but thankfully he had faith in me & helped me get to work.

First things first we painted the soon to be "chevron wall" a fresh coat of bright white 

then let it dry for a few days. Then I did a little bit of online research on how to paint chevron stripes.

Thankfully there are about a bajillion websites & blogs with "DIY Chevron Stripes" tutorials...
I followed this fab one ---->  How to Paint Chevron Stripes 
And also this creative one ---->  Painting Multicolored Chevron Stripes

The easiest method I could find was to sketch a grid format of your wall for where you want the stripes to be. You can choose large or small stripes... I chose medium size.
(for a more detailed "how to" on making the grid - check out the blog links)

Here's my little diagram drawing:

Then I used snap chalk to make marks on the wall, both length & width,  for perfect grid lines.

Here's how the grid turned out... it's a very faint blue grid but awesome as a guideline for taping.

Then I got to work taping the wall.

Here's a close up picture of the grid lines and tape.

All finished and ready for some painting...

Before I painted the wall I took the white color and painted the edges where the grey would touch for a better seal. This helped eliminate grey seeping underneath the tape. 

Then I painted two coats of grey and let it sit for about an hour.

I took the tape off before it was completely dry to help with any chipping.
Advice: pull tape slowly!

Then I took a damp towel and gently rubbed off the blue chalk.
Thankfully it came off really easily and didn't leave any residue.

Here's the finished product!

I couldn't be more excited with how the wall turned out. I've pretty much deemed it my favorite room in the house so far... Now I can't wait to get the crib in there and really start putting the room together!

Current project: sewing the baby bedding... pictures soon to come!



Chelsea said...

this turned out SO cute!

Amy said...

Thanks Chels!

Deidre Ann said...

Omg! I am so impressed! Looks awesome, cant wait to see the room finished!

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