Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Change {Status}

So I'm about to make a total life change here...
And to be frank, the word change completely scares me.

In the next month I'll be starting an actual career!
(whoaaaa... like official grown up status)

I'm soo blessed, fortunate, & excited to have this opportunity because out of 800 people that tested I am one of the 10 people that were selected to begin training in an academy to be...
a 9-1-1 Dispatcher for the Police Department!

{sorry- I had to toot my own horn for a minute there but I almost feel entitled to because this job took me about 2 years to get while I had to pass 6 intensive tests! So here I go... toot toot!}

Let's just hope I can turn this dream job of mine into reality. See, I say dream job but how do I even know since I've never tried it? I've always wanted to do this since I was a little girl... Remember that show Rescue 911? I watched it religiously. Like gluuuued to the T.V. whenever it came on. I.was.obsessed. But just for arguments sake, I also wanted to be a cowgirl too- I used to practice roping fake bull horns in my front yard!

So what exactly constitutes a "dream job"?

  • Is it the fact that I want this soooo badly that I can almost taste it?
  • Is it the fact that when I've done a sit-along with a current dispatcher and I walk into the call center I get full body chills?
  • Is it the fact that I've dreamed about this job since I can remember??

And then when I tell people about this new job the majority of people say

"Oh I could never do that job"

But why?

To be honest, I've actually never thought twice about not doing this job... so when I hear people say things like that I start to think "Crap! What exactly am I getting myself into??" and "What makes me think I can do this job?" I know I've always wanted to but can I actually do it?? Then I start into this whole mindset thing where I'm second guessing myself... which then leads to thinking of all sorts of insecurities. It just turns into a crazy mumbojumbo cluster F.

The main reason for this crazzzziness is because I'm trying something completely foreign... Putting myself out there in the real world... setting myself up for something I could possibly fail at and to be honest, failure is scary.

You just never know what you can do if you don't try though.
And just for the record I'm not just going to *try*- I'm going to put my whole heart and soul into this... like I'm talkin' everything I've got. So then if I don't succeed, I'll have no regrets knowing that I gave it my all.

So here's to a little bit of celebration (happy dance status!)  plus explanation of what's going to be happening in my life for the next year and a half while I'm in training. There might be less frequest blog posts but I'll make sure to update on the really interesting calls that I hear.

I might even have a few like this one:

Wish me luck!



Chelsea said...

This is SO exciting! WOW! You're going to be so good at it amy! I can just see you now doing such a great job.

And it was totally meant to be. You beat all of those other people out!!!!


Amy said...

Thanks so much Chelsea!! You're such a sweetheart. I'm super excited about it!

The Gerhardts said...

Soo exciting, congrats =) What police department will you be doing this at?

Monica McCoy said...

Congrats! Very exciting.

Living Our Love Song said...

your going to rock it girl! Good luck and congrats!

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