Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Francisco *Mini* Date

Remember this post about how I kidnapped my husband
and took him to San Francisco for the weekend??

Well I decided to do a little walk down memory lane with
a mini San Francisco recap date.

Since San Fran has one of the biggest China Town's
in the country I decided to take him to one of the biggest
Chinese Food Chains for dinner... PF Chang's China Bistro. yumm!

This was our dessert... Banana Spring Rolls.
Talk about delishhhh.
I'm pretty sure they serve it with Coconut Ice Cream too.

 Since I strategically planned for us to eat at the PF Chang's in this outdoor shopping mall
called "The District", we were within walking distance for our next adventure.

After dinner we walked across the street to this little sign:

They offer *free* Trolley rides around the District Shopping Mall!
Pretty perfect for San Fran huh??

Waiting at the Trolley Stop.

The Trolley we got to ride on.

A little peak to the inside of the Trolley- they had the cutest little
two seater benches. So romantic right?

Just a fun little date idea!


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