Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The {long overdue} J-O-B Update.

Well well well... guess who's back?

Yep, I decided to crawl out of my study hole and say hello.

I've totally left everyone high and dry, I know.
 Let me just tell you, these last 2 months have definitely been
a little on the crazy side...

For starters, my new job is going great- I LOVE it!
We are in week 6 right now of training and I'm only half way there!
I've had 3 tests so far and only have 11 more tests to go...
My brain hurts just thinking about it.
It is SO much information!

Pretty much all I do is study these days.

Here is my trusty little study partner Stella...

Since I'm still in training, I haven't taken any emergency calls just yet
but I have come across some things I thought I'd share...

Ohhh cops & their doughnuts...

Isn't that SO cute?

In between all the studying, I've still been able to try out a few cooking recipes...
And I even popped my Crock Pot cherry!
Yep- I got to use my crock pot for the VERY first time.

I don't know why I haven't jumped on this Crock Pot train before...
I mean, I have been seriously missing out!

So here's the first Cropper Crock Pot success:

Skinny Santa Fe Chicken

Yep... mouth watering....
It's from my favorite SkinnyTaste.com recipe site.
Here's the super delish recipe that your taste buds will be thanking me for.

Amist all the studying business...
I also dragged my best friends into waking up at 4am
to do a Police & Fireman 10K with me last month!

(gotta represent right??)

I {heart} these girls!

Well it's back to studying I go... I'll {hopefully} get to update again soon!


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