Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kind of like I found Jesus...

Ever since my sprint triathlon ended I am CONVINCED
everyone has to do one. How lame does that sound, right?

"ohh-em-gee everyone like has to do this because it's just like soo cool"
No no... it's much more than that, I can assure you.

Last week I took an indoor bike class from the lady Jackie,
the founder of Xcell.com, who teaches triathlete swim classes
& trains various levels of triathletes.
#1- Hardest 1 hour & 15 min class I've taken. Ever.
But the good kind of hard... like the hard that kicks your trash, pushes your limit,
and makes you feel a little barfy but when it's all over you think "I soo rocked that!" 
And then you are full of this amazing sense of accomplishment & rush of endorphins 
which puts you in one fantastic mood. 

And that's just ONE class... in one aspect.

I was talking to Jackie before the class started and she asked me...

"So how did you like the triathlon?"

To which I answered...

"Oh I loved it. I'm completely addicted &
I'm convinced everyone has to do one!"

She totally laughed at me...
Being that she's done over 100, yes that is ONE HUNDRED,
triathlons in her day, she could totally relate.

She told me... "It's kind of like you found Jesus, huh?"


So here's me going all triathlon "preachy" on you...
You HAVE to do a triathlon sometime in your life!
Absolutely anyone can totally do it too.
Fitness is definitely something I'm super passionate about
and the best way to get & keep motivated is to try something new,
*sign up for a race* & train with people who have similar goals!

#1- You'll feel excited that you've learned something new.
Why not expand your knowledge?? It just makes you more valuable.

#2- You'll feel accomplished for sticking to your goals.
This one always catches up to me come race day... during the race
it hits me that I'm actually doing it. I get a little teary eyed, filled with emotion,
& a huge sense of accomplishment.
#3- You'll grow so much as a person because you were out of your comfort zone.
At some point you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and nervous because
you're trying something new... which will be challenging at times but
after it's all said and done you look back and see just how far you've come.

#4- You'll most likely meet some amazing new friends.
Not that you have to get rid of the old ones but you'll meet people
who have been there done that, that will encourage you and give you great tips.

#5- You'll be healthy... and healthy = happy!
Enough said.

Who doesn't want to be happy??

I found this fantastic article on Fitbie.com
called "Yes, You Can Be a Triathlete"
Check it out. Good stuff.

Soo what better than to start this Friday, May 20, 2011...
because according to Active.com it is officially

*Bike to Work Day*

You can find some great tips here and here
but even if you work from home why not get out
and just ride a bike that day anyway?
You really can battle any excuse you have
and find a way to make it happen!

A great little quote I saw by the Tea Cups in Disney World this year...

Isn't that great?

Now get out there & make it happen!


Booth Confessions said...

Love this post! I'm not doing a triathlon this weekend... But I am doing a Marathon with my family. I'm super excited! I have never done a Marathon just a 5K. So hopefully one day I will just get the guts to do a triathlon one day!

AmY.GraNt said...

That is SO awesome you're doing a marathon! You definitely still get that "high" and feeling of accomplishment! That's so cool you're training with your family too. Talk about family bonding for sure. And I have no doubt anyone who can do a 5k can definitely do a sprint triathlon because it ends with a 5k. After your marathon you'll be good to go! Good luck Chelsea!

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