Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*Iron Girl Triathlon*

It's official...
I totally survived my first Iron Girl Triathlon!

Can I just start out by saying that it won't be my last either!
I'm officially addicted and I can't wait to do another.

The distance for this Sprint Triathlon was:

800 meter swim - 14 mile bike - 3.1 mile run

Since it was an Iron Girl it was exclusive only to women.
The participants all had to wear hot pink Iron Girl swim caps
so it looked like this huge sea of pink!
This was before the race started...
(allllllll natural baby)

**Note girl on right side of picture without a wetsuit.
The temperature that morning started out in the low 50's
with the water temp in the low 60's and PLUS it was windy...
Not quite sure if she survived the swim!

My best friends woke up suuuuuper early to come cheer me on for the race.
When I saw two heads bobbing up and down running through a crowd coming my way, one redhead and one blond, I instantly knew they were there to cheer me on. I started to get a little teary eyed even before they ran up and then I saw this cute little sign Jess hand made for me. They've always been super supportive. It's definitely no wonder why we've been friends for 12+ years.
I love these girls! 

Getting pumped before the start!

Here's the very start of the swim...

My T1 time (transition from the swim to the bike) was sooooo long.
It was about a quarter of a mile run from the end of the swim to where the bikes were
but still, longest transition time ever.
Grant is AWESOME at catching pictures and videos with his trusty little iphone.
Since he documents everything, he caught up to me on my T1 to take some footage...

The start of my bike...

And this is the video of my finish...

Here's me & my friend Diane with our swim coach Jackie Arcana.
This lady is off the chart. She won the *Full* Silverman triathlon in 2007 and 2009.
**Full meaning- 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run ( a.k.a. full marathon)!
Now she owns and she trains triathletes of all levels.


It's definitely been a journey training for my first triathlon and I'm so excited to check off one of my *New Years Goals* from back in January. I definitely owe a big thank you to my awesome friends and family- you guys were truly my inspiration when I needed it most! You guys rock!

Now I can officially say I am an
Iron Girl!


The Ditata's said...

You look great and it looked like so much fun!! I am totally doing this after I have the baby!! :)

AmY.GraNt said...

Thanks Kelli! You should totally do it! You would absolutely kick butt! I'll even train with ya :)

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