Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sophia the First {born}

Our crazy little first born princess sassypants is 
4 months shy of being a TWO year old! 
What the heck happened?? 
I honestly feel like it was just yesterday when we were 
bringing that lady home from the hospital. 

Here's an update on her...
{get ready for picture OVERLOAD... what else are blogs for, right?}

She is an absolute water baby... she would stay in the water alllllll day if we let her.

She is thee most random child who apparently likes to plank...
{nobody has ever taught her this}

 She has an obsession with her baby doll...
{she's still learning how to properly take care of it too}

Baby doll in the fridge... bottom drawer.

Giving her baby hugs.

Throwing her baby down the stairs.

Rocking her baby.

Trying to swaddle the babe.

Letting her baby sleep in the car seat.
She loves her new little brother.


{giving brother his binkie... first day she didn't actually try to steal it herself}

She's a little chatterbox... a few of her newest words

And she is absolutely one of the sweetest & sassiest girls I have ever met!

We love you Soph-a-loph! 
Never never never grow up ok?


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