Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Shower: Storybook Theme

Do you remember this post about me & my best friends being pregnant at the same time?

Well we threw my good'ol friend Candice a shower this past weekend!
She decided on a "Storybook Theme" baby shower... here's what the invite looked like:

{It was an old school library card}
*Instead of a card you bring your favorite children's book*

To keep with the "Storybook Theme",
all of the food was coordinated with a different children's book... 

Here was our giant caterpillar hanging above the serving area...
{from the book: A Very Hungry Caterpillar}

{Chocolate dipped mint oreo pops- same book: A Very Hungry Caterpillar} 
 for Oreo Pops "how-to" SEE HERE

{Limeade & Strawberry Lemonade to go with the book: "Pinkalicious"}

{Custom baby McKinley water bottles}

{Green Deviled Eggs - book: "Green Eggs and Ham"}

{Assorted Veggie Trey - book: "Little Pea"}

{A few other books to go with the food}

{Utensils - book: "And the DISH Ran Away with the SPOON"} 

This was the mini book garland hanging underneath the serving area

Next we have the dessert table...

{decor hanging above the sweets}

{the dessert table - book: "Fancy Nancy"}
*note the fancy pink tutu table cloth*

 {We had an ice cream machine to create your own *fancy* sundaes}

{Candice made this storybook sign that said "Baby McKinley"}

{A few table decorations with stacks of books, mason jars & purple flowers}

{A game where you guess how many candies are in each bottle- 
winner gets to keep the bottle of candy}

{Candice opening some cute gifts}

{A picture of the 3 pregos... we're getting closer!}

{Our sweet friend Brittany stopped by for a quick visit}

{"It's A Girl" sign hanging in the front entryway}

{The favor table}

{Baby Shower Favors were a bag of Swedish Fish - book: 
"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"}

A special thank you to all those who helped 
put this fun little shower together!
Thanks so much to those who came to celebrate 
Candice & baby McKinley's special day!
Hope you had a fabulous time Candice! Love you!



Renee said...

This is so creative!!!! What a great idea. Love everything about this shower from the invite to the signs! Such creativity!!!

Amy said...

Thanks Renee!!

Sara said...

Hi. Love the pictures from the shower they are adorable! Can you tell me where you got the template for the one fish two fish For the Swedish fish? I am trying to make favors like this for a shower this coming Sunday and have had a hard time finding a template to use.

Thank you!!


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