Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Cropper Gender Reveal Party!

Last week we were scheduled to have an ultrasound to find out the gender of our little bun in the oven... I've always loved the idea of having a gender reveal party and couldn't wait to be able to share the exciting news with our family and friends! 

I made this quick evite letting everyone know about the BIG reveal coming up!

I've seen a few really cute ideas for ways to reveal the gender and thankfully good'ol Pinterest came through (again) to help me out! 

The plan for the reveal:

I decided I wanted to get a large box along with blue and pink balloons,
have the "gender color" filled with helium, and then open the box at the party
to reveal little baby Cropper's gender.

I went to a U-Haul store to buy a huge wardrobe box.
Then I covered and decorated it for the party:

We had our ultrasound that same day & had the technician write the gender down
and seal it up in an envelope. Then I designated my best friend Jessica
with the secret job of filling the box before the party.
She came a little early and I handed her the box, the blue and pink balloons,
a mini helium tank, and the "secret" gender sealed envelope.... and she went to work!

She threw the extra balloons in the box then sealed it up nice & tight so there wasn't any peaking...

Then it was time for the party!

The FINAL Tally's! 

My friend Candice helped me make these mustaches & lips for the party.

Everyone divided into 2 teams by what they thought it was going to be!

Team BOY


Then it was time to open the box!

{the anticipation was intense}

 {...holding our breath}

Then we saw the PINK balloons come out... 
Little Baby Cropper is a GIRL!!

{We were shocked... and then I cried}

{Grant checking to see if there were any hidden BLUE balloons}

We couldn't be more excited about our little addition on the way!
Thank you SO MUCH to all of our friends & family for the support!
We love you!!


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