Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Year = BIG changes!

A few things that I find a little shocking...

1) We are already over a MONTH into the New Year...
(where has the time gone?!)

2) I can't believe how much life has changed
with just ONE year.

3) Our lives are about to change in a BIG way
because we're having a

Yep... there's a little bun-in-the-Cropper-oven!

Here's how the news came about...

It was about a week before Christmas and I was a few days "late"
I was running errands at the store and I thought,
"why don't I pick up a pregnancy test just in case..."

So there I was at home alone & peeing on that little tiny stick...

When low & behold the word "PREGNANT" pops up!
I went into shock... Pretty sure I screamed and then started pacing
 back & forth having a mini freak out session saying, 

Since Christmas was just ONE week away and KNOWING how my husband
is a huge sucker for surprises I decided to wait until Christmas morning to
spill the beans...
(talk about the looooongest week ever!!)

Here's how it all went down:

(quick side note: I kept teasing Grant that I was going to buy him and ipad for Christmas... if you know Grant he is VERY practical & loves saving money. He kept telling me that "we already have a laptop & don't need to spend the money on an ipad"- this ipad debate went on for a good month... therefore I thought it would be PERFECT to wrap "the big news" up in an empty ipad box to throw him off)

This is what he opened Christmas morning:

And yes... you better believe I got it on video!

So there you go!
Little baby Cropper has an official due date of
**August 20th, 2012**


Maxine Conrad said...

HOW STINKIN' CUTE!!!! Oh boy - I need a kleenex :) Congratulations to both of you - so happy for you guys xx

Monica McCoy said...

YAY! So exciting. I don't know how you did not squeal it to the world let alone your husband for a whole week. Way to go. Hope you are not feeling too yucky.

Booth Confessions said...

Oh my gosh the day I find out I'm prego I need to do something cute like this! I need a kleenex as well that was so cute!Congrats again!

Crystal said...

Yay!!! Michael and I just watched that video - man that is pure shock on Grant's face!! That was so great you got it on film - we just laughed and laughed! We're excited for you guys! You will be such a cute mama! :)

Skylar and Lauren said...

Wow! How freaking awesome is it that u recorded it??? Grant- u are so hilarious! I mean could ur face be any more PRICELESS?!?! Well done amy for documenting it so well so I don't feel so far away-and so I don't miss anything! Congratulations to u both! I hope u are feeling ok and hopefully I will get to see u both in June at Brianne's wedding! (ps I totally blog stalk u and am glad that u finally updated!!!) congrats again and thanks for calling to tell me grant-it made me smile! love u both! =) Let me know if u need any advice- i have done this twice after all! ;)

Anonymous said...

i was looking up on pregnancy chalkboards and came across your blog. Haha! I laughed at the pure utter shock your husband was going through! This is really, really cute! and congratulations!

Jennie said...

I love this is so much! I have watched it a feew times but i love it every single time!!! so cute!

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