Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fitness Motivations + Easter Obsessions.

Okayyy so I'm pretty much pumped that it's spring time, excited that it stays light out longer with some warmer temperatures, and totally flippin stoaked that I have this Iron Girl in less than 2 weeks {aahhh!}

Now it's just keeping my fingers crossed that this crazy Vegas spring weather will be good to me come race day! Nothing will be worse than a suuuuper windy open water swim (yeah totally still newbie status over here) and then biking in the wind is... well from my experience, the only times I've actually fallen on my bike.
Needless to say, FINGERS ARE CROSSED!

I've been loving this website called Fitbie lately
{cutest name ever too}
They just have some great fitness & nutition articles.
Here's a few I thought I'd share...

Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Live By

Instant Inspiration

Best Stress Relieving Workouts

And you just can't go wrong with
I could spend daysssss browsing their website for inspiration and tips.

A reallllllly good article for my beginning runner friends

How to make your own energy gel

And I'm totally pulling an oxymoron here buuuut
 I have to confess this obsession I've been having with Easter candy lately!
Yessss I "cheat" here and there & hey- isn't that all the more motivation to keep working out?
So I've been SUPER slightly addicted to these deliciously scrumptious candies...

Starburst Jellybeans + Cadbury Mini Eggs =
*Heaven in your Mouth*

I also decided to get a little easter happy and play the Easter Bunny
by leaving these on some desks for my co-workers at our office:

How cute huh??

Soo cute infact that here's some more
  free easter printables you should TOTALLY take advantage of!

I mean really... a little thought can go a long way!

I can't even wait for this weekend because I totally plan on making
some easter cupcakes...  but I'm having a hard time deciding on which ones.
Here's what I've been looking at:

Option 1: Little Birdie Nest Cupcakes

Option 2: Little Lamb Cupcakes

Option 3: Robin's Egg Cupcakes

I might even end up making them all.
So yum!

Hope you all have a
fantastic Easter weekend!


Booth Confessions said...

Your cupcakes are so cute! Those are such great ideas I love it! I wish I had family in Vegas I would so make them if I had lots of people to give them away too or me and Nick would eat them all up! And good luck on the Iron Girl! I would love to do something like that one day! I just can't swim very well! haha

AmY.GraNt said...

Thank you! I totally know what you mean about the cupcakes! The people at my office get very spoiled because I bring them to work every time I make any. I have zero will power for cupcakes at home and I'd end up eating too many :)

And trust me, if I can learn to swim, I can almost guarantee you could too- plus the beginning triathlete swim class helps!

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