Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Stella... short for Stiletto.

So we have a new member of the family.


Now before you go and call me "the cat lady", this will be our last kitty.
Rexy needed a sister.

This is the little sweetbabyface the first night.

We adopted her from PetCo. As you can see she has white paws & white whiskers.
The best part?
She has 6 toes on both feet!!
I don't think it gets much cuter.
Since she's has the cutest toes thateverhappened...
we were throwing around names like:
Twinkle toes... Boots... and then Stiletto!
It seemed a little lengthy for a kitty name... so we shortened it and went with STELLA.
It totally fits her too. She's super danty & sweet.

Rexy had a bit of a rough time deciding if she liked the new creature playing with her toys & invading her space but needless to say, I think she's accepted her.

This is what happened today when I fed them lunch:
Stella totally went over to Rexy's bowl annnnnd...

Then... it got better. They went over to Stella's bowl and finished.

Cutest thing that ever happened, right?!
(PS... I know Rexy is a chunkster now and yes, that is ice in their mini water bowls)


Kasie Marie said...

Please get a close up of these toes.. I must see this!!

AmY.GraNt said...

Oh I definitely will!! It's so cute!

Kelli Ditata said...

Yeah, how could you post this without a picture...such a tease!! ;)

Chelsea said...

Omg, how stinking cute is this! Stella is perfect. (we always said that if we had a girl we'd name her stella, but now that name is so popular so maybe not, but it is the most adorable name for a kitty!) She is so cute!

We used to have a beagle and a cat that shared food and ate together. they even cuddled and slept together too. animals bring so much joy to people. I wish we were animal people. Our neighbor has two dogs and we get to bring them treats and visit them. That's as close as we get to having our own.

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