Monday, October 18, 2010

6 Toes!!

Life Updates:

1- Kitties.
They are doing auh-mazing.
It was hard at first... When Rexy would see Stella she'd charge at her- friggin tackle her to the ground- then bite her ears!!
I was a little horrified thinking we had a devil kitty.

Then... we invested in a squirt bottle! Talk about life savor for little Stella and anxiety reliever for me.
It seriously made me feel bad when Rexy would full on pumble the new baby.
Here's a picture of the first time we used it on them... mainly Rexy.

(you know she's thinking about jumping on her again...
with those ears back and all)

She was soaked. Buuuut she's a very quick learner, so now she plays nice.

Here are those 6 TOES I was talking about before...

Sooooooooo friggin cute.

Here's Miss Stella.

Don't her feet look HUGE??
She looks like she's wearing little half gloves on her front paws
annnd her tail is soo long.
She's like a little acrobat. She jumps & climbs on everything and then taunts Rexy.
It's funny to compare them because Rexy is SOO uncoordinated compared to her... Rexy has a hard time jumping on the toilet seat. It usually takes her a few tries.

Annnd here's the little cuddlebaby Rexy herself.

Last night I caught them sleeping together.

2. UFL Cheerleading.
This past weekend we had a Jr. Locos Cheer Clinic.
The little girls were soo cute.
They'll all be performing at the UFL Game this Saturday at halftime.

We're TWO games down and TWO more to go... Thennnn I get my life back!

Here's a quarter break performance of my sideline group to "Baby I like it".

Here's me and the hubby after game #2...
It's our traditions to hit up In-n-Out after every game now.
I heart this kid.


Chelsea said...

I can't believe how long your hair is getting! It's crazy.

the kitty's are super cute!

AmY.GraNt said...

Ok ok, I HAVE to confess.. Sometimes it's fun to put in a few extensions here and there! I mean, c'mon Chels... Not all of us can be blessed with beautiful locks like yours :)

And thank you! You can bring Conrad to visit the kitties anytime!!

Chris and Shelly said...

Amy, all this cute talk about your kitties.... wait until you have kids- I mean don't wait! Have one and the real cuteness happens!!

AmY.GraNt said...

hahaha Shelly! You are too cute. Hopefully we won't wait too long :) For as cute as your boys are, I can't wait to see what your little girl looks like!

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